Bush’s Plan Fixing Economy~Let the Spins Begins

George w. Bush is bringing our economy back. Many on the extreme left such as the Kiss Butt Obama media will try and spin what they already have spun to make this an Obama victory.
The media, when we hit the bottom, made sure to flood us with, “Obama has only been in office fifty days,” and Obama himself have said over and over again how this economy was inherited.
President Bush rushed into action with a plan, a plan to fix the auto industry. His three hundred billion dollar plan has taken three months to work but it is indeed working. The auto makers are telling the Obama administration that they won’t need their expensive bailouts with so many strings it would take decades to unravel. The job market is opening up and the stock market is back on track again. Keeping in mind that the Obama plans for ending a crisis is not in play yet, I am waiting to see how the spin will go on this one.
While Obama parties like it was 1995 you know like the Clintons did, Bush had a plan but the hatred from the left will always spin this into a rhetoric state. In a world where we let murderers go and keep people who steal money in prison for life, its no wonder no one is thinking straight anymore. What was once white is now black and what was once right is now wrong. Obama seems to think that people are too dumb to know what is good for them and they can’t think for themselves. With this new Obama plan about to save us, in a time we really don’t need saving, someone on welfare will make more then someone that works very hard making minimum wage. Under Obama’s plan, someone that works hard, holds their head up high and gets ahead is doomed while others who hold their hand out will get further in life.
In the Obama plan, killing babies, losing your religion and grabbing all you can get from a hard working true American will be the keys to a better tomorrow. Obama’s numbers are falling faster then a plane into the Hudson. He talks a good game but Americans are no longer playing.
With Obama’s cabinet, with the likes of Pelosi who demands more from the people who hired her to work for them, and Timmy, the guy who always looks as if he is ready to cry, and Biden, who acts as though he belts back a few before he speaks, its no wonder we are in the state that we are. I hail Bush for fixing this problem we were having before the Obama rhetoric hit the fan. Obama, spend all you want at the cost of the children but you cannot take credit for this one.


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