Obama Rushes America to Fail

If you are not convinced then you are just that stupid. I first reported the facts about Obama’s use of the teleprompter making him seem smarter then he was, and when the prompter was off, he would seem to be speechless. I have said this before he was elected. Now I stand behind my President, yep, he needs to be watched every step of the way so never ever turn you back on the wise one.

Many reported his dealings with a lot of bad people none of which Obama cared to fess up to having any knowledge of association. Then there were his birth records which are sealed but we all wish it was Bidens lips that were sealed.

How much more rhetoric do you need to see? This is a man that claims he can run a country in his own mind and in the minds of the fools that he tricked before “he won.” Oprah must have been paid a whole lot for making him out to be “The Second Coming,” because she sure is eating a whole lot more.

Ok, his plan is a simple one yet so complicated for the average democrat, you know, the idiot, stupid guy, bumpkin, fool. Maybe they need to read politics for dummies, or the complete guide to total destruction, or maybe even the socialist dictionary to help them understand what he is trying to do. . Maybe they need a big book with a lot of pictures.

Obama is planning to level the playing field. He does not want the poor to get rich, but to bring the rich to their knees and be poor as well even after the well has run dry.

Once everyone is poor, Obama has complete control. He will grow government to knew heights and spend us creating a Poor America. We will live in slums, all of us, we will have tax hikes like we have never seen in our lifetime, and we will be at the mercy of huge government. Obama is said to be of the computer generation, sure he is, he is playing us like a video game, and losing.

He will live like a King. Obama will surround himself with all of the best things life can offer while we suffer in our own starving miserable lives that we created because we let very stupid people vote the man into office. In his first 100 days, no wait, it has only been 46 days, well in that time the country is split in two the smarter class and the more stupider class. The smarter class can see what is going on that when he hits the first hundred days, we will be smashed like a kitten under a car tire. The dumber class will praise Obama for not running over that kitten himself.

Obama has spent more money then all government has since it began in 1776. Obama will spend and spend on nothing but luxuries that will keep him in a lifestyle that would make Hugh Heffner jealous. He has a social luncheon with steak that costs a hundred dollars a pound. He will surround himself with many corrupt politicians to get his agenda in place. He will extend his hand to try and partner up with the Taliban because he knows they are really not that bad. He will try and crush any oppisition speaking out against him. He will want and want for himself and spend and spend because he can, not realizing that the man has only been in power for less then two months. He will kill millions of babies, and he is a homophobe. He will make secret in house gangs to play games with American lives. He wants us to know that he won and there is nothing we can do about that but true Americans are like the A team and loves it when a plan comes together. Hey Obama, here is what I think of your Taliban,Salam-Salam-Bologna.;)~

He surrounds himself with the failed Clinton administration that was ran by a sexual deviant who happened to get himself impeached. He although never will tell us directly, lived in many Muslim nations and Arab countries and now wants to extend olive branches to all terrorists and terrorist prisoners.

He knows how to affect the stock markets so he manipulates them to fall and looks us in the eye and tells us not to pay attention to the numbers because they don’t mean anything. He will spend more money then we will ever see in our lifetime, to travel across the world, trying to convince us, that he saved twenty five jobs and his spending plans work. I can’t really blame him for that my wife does the same thing. He is not only a socialist but he is a sociopath and will cut a social path through this country on a tractor that will cost us nine trillion dollars.

Obama has one agenda for this country and that is to grind it in to a pulp and mold it in his image which is wrong. Obama is not God, although the media will argue the point tooth and nail. What Obama is, is a liar, a cheater, and a hater behind his masks but some of us who are smart, are slowly peeling theses masks off exposing the truth, the agenda that will let America die. My book WHITE HOUSE MAFIA was ordered to be taken down by the end of March or it will be lail for me, sound familiur, maybe Russia? I don’t know about you, but Obama will fail because true Americans won’t stand for his communist ways but he can shoot hoops and those abs, and isn’t that what really matters?

Now some would think of Obama as a glass half empty, others as a glass half full, I think of him both ways at times sometimes he is half empty, and at others times, well, he is just full of it. The country is easy pickens for Obama, for him it is like shooting pork in a barral oh how stimulating to know he has the whole world in his hands.


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