Barack Attack

The Obama Drama continues as we see the obvious, well, some of see the obvious. To me, the obvious is death to America as we know it. The obvious is that Obama knows whenever he speaks the markets crash so he continues to do it. It is obvious to me that talking down to Americans is like a father putting down his son all the time, it only creates resentment, frustrations, and Obama must realize he is not a father figure.

He doesn’t want to steal from the rich and give to the poor, he wants to level the playing fields and make us all poor so he can rebuild with his already plotted agenda in mind.

Obama is great at doing three things, making bad choices as we all see in his cabinet picks, creating a panic throughout our country, and magic. His magic is the old, smoke and mirrors bit. He says one thing and makes you look in a direction, while he does another causing rhetoric.

I ask you, do you want your tax dollars going to homes others cannot afford? Do you want Obama to spend more money, our tax dollars then the country has in two hundred years? Do we want bigger government telling us what we can and can’t do? Do we really want socialized banking, medicine and financing as they have in Russia? Do you really think we need to research Global warming when we wall know it is getting colder not warmer which is only nature taking her course. Obama has this agenda in mind and it is going to play out and soon. Remember one thing; Obama has only been in office for six weeks.

Obama can keep his hands to his side as the national anthem is sung, he can keep his hands at his sides as we recite the pledge of allegiance, and he can pray to what ever God he is praying to these days, this is his right for living in the greatest country in the world. Obama what you cannot do is change the spirit of America no matter how many people you fool with your charm and writers.

Obama, I received a letter today telling me to take my book, THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA, sold only through my webpage at
Why are you so afraid of people finding out the truth about you? I don’t wish to bring you some more bad news but, Obama, I will keep selling my book and if you think your terror will make me take it down you are mistaken. The other bad news, the people Obama, the people are on to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Obama, this is your war now, your spending not an inheritance from the Bush administration. You created this panic and have no one to blame for it but yourself. I used to speak of your socialist agenda, but as I dug deeper, I now know it is communism you want to set for this great nation.

Why do you get such pleasure out of punishing anyone that does good? You are now telling people who help others that they will need to pay a tax for doing so. Where does it all end, with you as our King, our dictator? Obama, I saw through you then and I see through you now. You are afraid that the people you have fooled will find you out and they will and soon. No Obama, I won’t take my book down, you know the book,

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