Paul Harvey 1919-2009

Hello Americans, This is Paul Harvey, Stand by for news. I first heard that great and wonderful voice in 1969 as I listened to that dramatic pause between sentences. I always enjoyed Paul, he didn’t report the news as we knew it to be, he reported the news we would never hear or see in the mainstream media. PAGE ONE

I would drive down the street waiting for his final words, “I’m Paul Harvey.” Then I would take my hands off the steering wheel waiting for his, “Good day.” Then replace my hands back on the wheel. I soon changed that to just holding my breath because I almost crashed the car that day. The pause between I’m Paul Harvey and good day usually lasted anywhere from five seconds to a whopping eight but that is what made him so great. PAGE TWO

The man had been syndicated on so many radio stations I could never miss him if I tried and trust me I never tried. Once he opened his newscast, every turn of the page was a queue to go to a commercial. The last page was usually “the rest of the story.” PAGE THREE

Paul passed away this week after a very long career in broadcasting. He said he started when he was fourteen and he was ninety when he passed away. I think he retired at the age of eighty five so that would place him in the seventy years of journalism category. He is an American Icon. AND NOW THE REST OF THE STORY

Paul if you are looking down at us and I have a feeling you are, you are with the one you loved for these so many years now. Paul you gave us so much over the years and as I look up I smile as I hear you broadcasting from above. So my friend, I raise my glass to you and yours and wish you all of gods blessings, and that my friends, is the rest of the story.

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