Open Letter to Misty Croslin

Miss Croslin,

You don’t know me and I am just as sure we never met in the past. You are so young but feel as if you can handle, and juggle anything tossed in your way. At times you feel like a kid, wanting all the fun, friends, like you used to when you were in school, but other times you feel overwhelmed with responsibility. You start to feel as if you are tied down like some older married person. You would never tell anyone these feelings because you want everyone to see just how grown up you are.

Misty, behind that brave mask, hides a little girl and although you seem to be all grown up on the outside, you remember things, things that happened to you that you really had no control over. I know how that can hurt sometimes M. You are struggling between trying to keep your life together and just dealing with things day to day, and pretending to keep it all together. I know you must be falling apart inside and there is no one to hold you, to just hug you, to tell you that it is ok to let it all go.

I know you are worried and at your age that should never need to be. You are so afraid to let people down that you keep all those secrets inside which really is not good, it can age you before your time.

I think if you take a deep breath and simply tell someone these things, you know, talk to someone, really talk to someone that cares it will all be ok. It is so hard at times remembering the so many times you have been betrade in your short lifespan.

You went through so much. No girl at twelve should ever need to go through what you have been through. No girl at thirteen and fourteen should either like you have. People that you trusted taking advantage of you is a shame but still, you need to know that wasn’t your fault.

You have to stop being a victim and start being that grownup you strive to be and do the right things from this moment on. Yes. People will abandon you but you are young and can start over. What others have done is made you a submissive, as if they can control your every move in life. This is not expectable and you should nip that in the bud.

I am enclosing my email If you are ready to take the steps you need to get through these hard times, I can help. I am a great listener and have been for so many seeking help. If you don’t wish to talk to me, then someone close to you that will give you good advise. Never do the wrong things on promises held over your head because you want something that much.

I understand how hard it is to just tell everything and get this behind you because it is a frightening thing to go through alone. The thing is, until you do, you will never be free. You will be a prisoner of your own mind and soul.

If you think you are doing the right things then you are getting advice from the wrong person. Misty, the offer will stand for three days and then you have made a choice, but was it the right one? You need to do the right thing and if you don’t then I will. I do know more then you think. I know you will do the right things for yourself to start your life heading in the right direction. Releif is such a great thing.

Bob D. Caterino


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Misty Croslin

  1. Why wait three more days if you know more than Misty? You said yourself, this lost soul will suffer because of it. She may not do the right thing, but you can. Lets get this little girl back home now.

  2. It is in Gods hands now. Sorry for the loss which Misty will now have to live with for all eternity.
    Stephany, might I add you have the most wonderful eyes. The can tell what is in ones soul as well as their heart.

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