Obama bama bama bama bama Chameleon

Watch them clap as he walks out. Rich Little he is not.

I loved it when Obama was running for the president of these United States. He was using the Martin Luther King voice for most of them but as we can see he is a diverse impressionist.

We saw him use the famous finger pointing when he was trying a new impression of John F. Kennedy, but I have to hand it too the man, he got the Reagan speech pattern down pat, it is his act he needs to work on. He also tried his hand at Don Rickles when he attacks Bush so many times throughout these speeches, it almost souns as if he may want a job at MSNBC.

His sidekicks, the act of Pelosi and Biden needs to work on their routines because their impression on the Supremes was just awful. Pelosi stood up too much and Biden not enough but maybe itwasn’t Diana Ross and the Supremes he was after, maybe he was doing the Marx Brothers? oh man, now I get it, Pelosi, Biden and Obama, the New three Stooges.

Obama, Biden and Pelosi are sitting in the oval office reading the liberal news papers. They look well dressed and as calm as can be. The phone rings and it is Michelle wondering if she can repeper the walls in her private bathroom. Obama tells her not to call anyone because Pelosi, Biden, and himself will indeed do this job themselves. The next thing you know, Biden has his head in a bucket of paste, Obama is slapping the heck out of him as he tries to get his foot out of the waiste basket while Pelosi writes the bill for another job well done. Oh well.

I am looking forward to seeing what other surprises Obama and his sidekicks have in store for us. It is a treat I must say because I miss the old acts and the voices are a nice touch. I think he is working on his Richard Prior as we speak.

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