Tonight Obama Speaks as Most of the Media Drools

Why is it everytime Obama speaks, the Dow heads downhill? I will tell you why. The stock market rallies when good news is announced, however, Obama, and his cabinet or various new committees, seems to be on every day now talking down America. “Our souls are broken, we are cowards, we are racists, and we will fail.”

Today we are expecting Obama to speak again only it will be after the Market closes. The Dow and other markets rallied so go figure. Is this what he wants to happen one can only wonder?

It seems that what was once message of hope and change turned to doom and turmoil in the Obama camp. It is important to rally around the flag and not burn it. So where’s all the pep talks, where is the hope or the change?

If Washington is known as” the Father of our Country,” and Reagan is known as the great communicator,” what Obama should be thinking of is his place in history. Will he be known as “The Bamboozler”? Yes he is the first Blackman to hold the office but does he want to be known as “the first Blackman who brought down America?”

He is quickly becoming known as the man who gives to the poor or the takers, loafers, ignorant, and steals from the righteous. I am willing to bet, that tonight Obama will once again say something that will crash the stock exchange again. So once again I ask where the patriotism is.

I am so tired, tired from the double talking media, and the twisted minds who now call themselves our leaders. Arrogant people are afraid of real change; they want things as they want it and won’t budge on a single issue.

I am sure Obama’s pals over at MSNBC and the other real news stations, owned by GE will kiss up his speech tonight and spin it their way no matter what, after all, they are in love with the guy but love doesn’t get ratings truth does. Obama, the one term president, maybe that’s what he will be known as.

I saw a poll on one of these so called news stations. It said, “How do you tonights Obama speech will go”, and people voted on it. No doubt, the same people who expect the Obama handouts will help them retire early. 65 percent voted that his speech will go well, 33 percent said his speech will be good, and the rest said his speech, well they just didn’t know. i didn’t vote but if I needed to guess, I would say, it would go great is teleprompted, not so well if he wings it.

Well, its all over but the shouting. Obama said he gets it did I miss the part where he was going to pay 150 Billion dollars for 15 choppers? May I also add, the counties all across America that were not Obama supporters, GET NOITHING, revenge is all his.

All and all, he gave a good speech, he only fumbled a few of his lines. So as he spends a hell of a lot of money he also stated that he will cut spending. Maybe his nick name will be Mr. Flipenflopen.

One bit of advice Mr. Obama, you can no longer play the Bush Blame Game, because it is now your war in Afganistan. You can no longer blame Bush because you just out spent the last seven presidents total.
Ok folks, lets all put on MSNBC and see what real slobbering looks like.

One thought on “Tonight Obama Speaks as Most of the Media Drools

  1. The sound of his voice and the color of his skin isn’t going to solve one damn problem.

    The media have become such an echo chamber, they give us no choice but not to watch TV at all (except Andy Griffith reruns, of course)

    I used to watch Hardball with Chris Matthews. No more. No more MSNBC period. They make me want to puke with their fawning all over this guy. Who has accomplished what?

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