Al’s Sharp Tongue at it Again

Al Sharpton, at it again. The man makes money keeping racism alive even if it isn’t truth. He will go out of his way to create a situation and create mayhem to keep his business alive.

You all know his latest, a cartoon that might have been in bad taste, because most of us love animals and would never make fun of that. He is telling us that this was a racist statement when all it really was saying is that Congress has a job so easy that even a monkey can do it. If I was to create a cartoon with three Obama’s in it, one Obama was covering his ears and the caption read, “Hear no evil,” the next caption said, “see no evil” and the third said, “well, two out of three aren’t bad,” I am sure Sharp Tongue, would be all over me saying that I am comparing Obama to a monkey when all I was really trying to say was, “Obama talks crap.” I am also sure that when Bush was in that same picture found all over the web, Sharpton wasn’t around for comment.

I don’t know why Sharpton, still has credibility these days, Have we forgotten his pet project that blasted him into the limelight, the Tawana Brawley Case? You surely remember that young girl who told the world that she was raped by nine white guys and they even drew on her with human feces? He stood behind her for months as she told the world about her ordeal only for us to find out that she was lying and it never really happened.

Who was the man that went after Don Imus for telling a bad joke, Al, oh yeah, that Al is one bad mother, hey I’m just talking about Al. Large corporations donate to the Sharpton cause. Is it because they want to fight so called racism or is it to insure they won’t be a victim of the Al finger point?

Hattie Mac Daniel, Stephen Fetchet, and actors like these are denounced for their jobs. Haddy was the first black woman to win an Oscar and Stephen was one of the all time great comedians of his day but yet, we call it a racial stereotype. Today we have movies and television shows making a comeback with the likes of the Tyler Perry’s of the world using all the stereotypes of the last seventy five years but that’s ok. The double standard stops here.

Al, please, you are old school but that was torn down a few years back. I think it is time for the Al’s of those days to just go back from where they came.

6 thoughts on “Al’s Sharp Tongue at it Again

  1. I think he’s an ass…. hes so against white people like he was around when they were picking cotton in a field .. GET OVER YOURSELFFFFF ALLLLLLLL

  2. I wouldn’t put it as delicate as you did but, I will say he is annoying. I was in New York City once and saw him getting into a limo with six body guards. I would say he is a jackass and he really should get onto himself.

  3. True, these same people were yukking it up over pictures depicting Bush as a chimp.

    They see race everywhere they look because it is what they want to see. It is called having a chip on one’s shoulder.

  4. I would like to know what is a typical nigg??? wow who ever said that say that to the peoples face your calling that to..hmm maybe thats why this so called power blog was a wash in 2009 and no one comes here..who ever said that is a TYPICAL DUMB ASS..AND NEED TO STOP THIS CRAP..

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