A Helping Hand for Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman now a mom of fourteen children. America and the world for that matter have way too much time on their hands. The woman is receiving death threats, and the people that are supposed to be helping her are turning their backs on her.

Many of us know how it feels to have no one on our side. I am sure Nadya knows the feeling so well by now. So what, she wants and loves children, why are we obsessed with stopping her from doing what she wants in the greatest country in the world.

Nadya is excepting donations as many do on the net. Give or don’t give, your choice, but you really don’t have the right to judge anyone. Soon she will have no place to live. Do you realize that others in her situation are given so much in donations, diapers, food, furniture, because people want to help in that way?

We should be bowing our heads in shame for the way we are treating others in a time of need. Yes we place ourselves in situations at times but do not deserve to be stoned for it.

I only hope, Nadya gets the right people behind her. Dad on Oprah and Mom on the news chastising her doesn’t help at all. Some say, the taxpayers will foot this bill, and so what, we have just given a man a trillion to spend on what he wishes to. If we still have a heart we will help this woman, if we don’t then move on because I just don’t want to know someone like you. We help the Animals, the poor, and the hungry, but we are acting like a mob, a clique when it comes to this fellow American struggling. We all make mistakes, we are not perfect.
Nadya, site for those who have a heart.

8 thoughts on “A Helping Hand for Nadya Suleman

  1. do u know the link to the site for donations? I would love to give her something. I don’t have much, but I think any little bit would help.~C

  2. Millions of couples choose not to have kids because they can’t afford them. It is not right that they should pay to support someone else’s kids especially a ridiculous number like 14.

    This woman thinks if Angelina Jolie can have all these kids, why can’t I? The difference is that Angelina Jolie can afford nannies to take care of them, and this woman cannot.

    She evidently gave no thought to her finances at all. Loony-left Democrats may think this is okay but I bet most of America does not.

    If we are going to support this tribe, being able to ridicule her is a small consolation. At least give us that much for our tax dollars.

  3. I wanted more children I knew I had what I could hopefully afford. As a Californian & Democrat I resent having any of my tax dollars going to Nadya. I do feel for the Grandmother. Angel with Wings has stepped up to help however Nadya does not want thier help.

  4. Patti, so, what you are saying is, “I don’t give a Buck?” Thats fine. Now was that a typo, or not? I just don’t understand how so many can be that angry over someone they don’t know. They want this woman dead, as you said, just don’t support her.

  5. You can put me down for “don’t give a buck”. People have to be responsible for the consequences of their own actions. Having 14 babies wasn’t an act of God; it was the act of an irresponsible person and an irresponsible doctor. Humans don’t naturally give birth to this many.

    I don’t wish her dead. But I don’t think we as a society should encourage this behavior either. Giving her money is encouraging her, and others who might have similar ideas. The doctor should lose his license. And she should have to support all 14 of them.

    A fool and his money are soon parted. If people want to voluntarily give her money, fine by me. But taxing me isn’t exactly “voluntary”. I say not one dime of tax dollars should go to this woman or her kids.

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