Casey and Cindy~ A Fight for Control

My sister was living with my mother for five years with five kids. My mother and the children bonded and soon after they were calling her, the Grandmother, mom. My sister, although it took a while insisted that the kids stop calling her mom because she wasn’t. She finally got married to her long time boyfriend, and moved out of there and things settled down when my mother passed away.

Sometimes we need room, enough room between us so we can think straight. Casey Anthony lived with her parents. Cindy Anthony bonded with Caylee and thought of her as her own child. Now Casey was in a competition with Caylee for the love and attention from Cindy. This was like a battle for custody between the two, only they were not using a court to air their ways, they were using a small child.

George Anthony, a passive man in principal was never a factor here but indeed the only father figure in the whole Anthony picture. He was just someone who was there to pay the bills. Cindy is the strong controlling figure in competition with another strong controlling figure. When you have two control freaks under the same roof, there can only be one winner. Cindy, being older, wiser and more manipulative then Casey can ever hope to be, was winning the battle of the minds here. She was not going to let anyone take her little Caylee away from her.

Casey was going out a lot, parting, having so much fun. Grand mom was at home being a mother to Caylee. Casey comes to the realization that her mom was now Caylee’s self proclaimed mother. Caylee was even calling grandma, mom now. Casey would not have it so she started to think in revenge mode as so many control freaks do. “How can I teach my mother a lesson? She took something I loved and now I will take something she loves and I hope the end justifies the means.”

Seeing someone that loves to control, lose control is the best revenge for a control freak. Casey will act as if nothing happened, she doesn’t know anything, as she gets her enjoyment seeing her mother suffer, even if it means tying her hands for life.

Caylee was a pawn in the dangerous game of “Fight for Control” in the world of the Anthony’s. Casey is now frustrated that she has lost control over everything as her plan backfires. Her last bit of control was lost after the police found her out on her wild goose chase and her lawyers were too smart to fall for her little games. She lost her control of the media after putting on her little shows for them. She has lost everything and can’t stand to see her mother still in control of everything. No, Casey didn’t lose here, as Cindy marches on triumphantly. Who really lost in this game was little Caylee which is a shame.

9 thoughts on “Casey and Cindy~ A Fight for Control

  1. by her growing up as the only daughter in that family by her having caylee was a big shock to her.. it wasnt all about her any more and she wasnt the only “daughter” any more… i find it very conflicting when i think about this case some days i dont think she did it and most days i do believe she did it… her mother openly admits she hold caylee 1st and knows that casey resents her for that among other things.. but what did casey expect? her mother and father are .. where.. the sole provider for caylee dipers,food,toys,shelter, all these things were given to caylee by her grandparents … and she should have expected anything less but to share caylees love with the both of them… a small child like caylee knows no discrimanation when it comes to love, she wasnt aware of this is my grandma and this is my mommy.. given she knew casey was her mom but i doubt she truly “knew” the difference between cindy and casey i am younger then casey and have a younger daughter and i take complete responsibility for hailey (my daughter) but i am not her sole provider i live with my grandmother and she pays the bills … but i am the one who wakes up with her at night i am the one who takes her to the docs and gets her ready for bed … i am the one who baths her and feeds her and i am the one that she KNOWS is her mother .. its not something that cindy or george did .. this was a direct result of caseys pretend job and whatever other things she did such as mom watch “THE KID” so i can go out bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaa if your always leaving your daughter with another person what else are they going to do other then become attached to that person? My father and step mother just had a baby 3 yrs ago (i was 18) and when she was 3 months old my step mother had to go back to work.. and my father is a cop and worked nights and she my step mother worked during the day… so guess who took care of the child.. i may not have been a provider for her but i was there when she woke up i was there when she took her 1st steps and such and what do u think happened when my step mother came home from work and i left to go out with my friends? Brianna screamed bloody murder for me when i left. something she only did for me not her mother not always for her father but for ME the person who was always around for her … and trust me i was ALWAYS with her. i even took her to friends houses with me. so for casey to hold resentment for this is understandable, in her own twisted mind.. but if she took a look in from the outside it was inevidable for these things to happen.. like i said i small child does not discriminate love they jus give give give.

  2. I moved home from California when my son was nine days old. My husband was in the Marines and was being deployed to Japan for a year. I moved back in with my parents. It did not take me long to realize that I was 2nd in line to their first grand child. My son was then and still is to this day, sixteen years later, the King in my parents eyes. He can do no wrong.
    My mother is and always has been the Boss. At 37 years old, I can revert to feeling 15 again at times. Were there battles over things I did and what she thought I should do when it came to my son? Most definately. Did my parents play a huge role in his care? Yes. But here is the difference between myself and Casey Anthony: I am forever grateful that I had them. I was 21 years old when I had my first child, and truthfully had it not been for their guidance, I am not sure he would have turned out to be an amazing son. They taught me alot in that year of living with them. I had built in baby sitters which consisted of my parents and four sisters, I had enormous support when I was so tired after walking the floor with him all night, I had the experience of a woman who had already raised five daughters, which in turn made it easier to not be the mother to run to the er everytime he cried. My son to this day holds his grandmother high on a pedastal. He absolutely adores her.
    Unfortunately I don’t think Casey Anthony was able to appreciate the beauty of the grandchild/ grandparent relationship. All she saw was a small child who was taking her place and becoming more important to her parents than she was. She was unable to continue to get away with the antics she had throughout her life and in turn blamed Caylee for that. My mother has often said that her grandchildren are her life and if she could she would have had them first.
    I am proud to have a family that pitches in when need be, a mother who to this day will tell me if I am wrong and most importantly, grandparents that are and will forever be such important figures in my childrens lives.

  3. i see what you saying but i see cindy as being completly over bearing ,. and casey trying to break away from her mothers constant nit picking

  4. I think if Caylee was calling Cindy “Mom”, it would be quite normal for Caylee to call Cindy Mom. I recall my own children calling their step father by his first name as I did, (age 2 and 4) until his children visited and then they realized he answered to ‘Dad’ and for one reason or the other they adopted it. I think it is because he answered so willingly to “Dad” by everyone. It was innocent but caused such hatred by his biological children and aunts and uncles. But, honestly, it was a very unintentional organic situation, set up by no one.

  5. You can see it throughout the trial, she does not fight for her life but still for the control she feels deserving of. She wont show emotion getting the better of her. Remembering the movie, “Psycho” When they caught Bates he sat their thinking to himself how he could manipulate the people who he thought were watching him. Also remember, those between the ages of fifteen and thirty, they think they are smarter than anyone else in the world.

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