Casey Marie Anthony~New Twist on Old Evidence

A new release on old evidence is key to the prosecutions case of Casey Anthony. The duct tape comes up once again. The process of elimination is being played here. The investigators say that the family, Cindy, George, and Lee’s finger prints were not found on the duct tape but are they saying that Casey’s were?

When a small child steals cookies from a cookie jar, and is caught, you can rest assure that the kid will try and lie to get out of trouble. Casey should have told the truth a long time ago, but this is not how defense works. Their obligation to Casey is to get her off even if she is guilty. I know it sounds crazy but doing the right thing for a defense attorney goes against everything that they stand for. Once in a great while they actually get someone that is not guilty, and they still have to try their best.

The defense team will need to resort to trickery against the prosecutions hundreds of pieces of evidence. The truth may never come out, but time will tell if justice will be served?

Obama C.O.D.

I am trying to understand all the nonsense going on in America but I just can’t so help me out here, please.

To me Obama hates everything about Washington. He doesn’t even want to live there. He finds every excuse in the world to go gallivanting around the country.

When Americans are suffering with money problems, why does Obama spend like there is no tomorrow? Does he know something we all don’t?

Why is Obama sending Hillary to try and make pretty with terrorists?
Why are we spending so damn much for companies that wont help themselves? When the money is gone, Obama will be gone and leave us as flat as a pancake.

This is a rant, sorry bout this but I am angry. The media will justify everything Obama is doing while we all go to hell in a hand basket. Why are they not reporting the news anymore? Why is the media still trying to make out with a man that doesn’t really give a hoot.

He leaves for some destination in the States did he need to take Air force one? That just cost the tax payers forty thousand dollars. Ok, so he needs to look presidential. Biden is following him in Air force two, oops, another thirty thousand at our expense. If that isn’t enough, they flew the presidential limo as well, forty thousand for air fright. I don’t have a problem with the fact that Biden was not welcome to fly with Obama, or that a car gets first class accommodations that cost more then it did for Biden, but, 100,000 dollars is a problem to go campaigning for the race in four years on the taxpayers dime.

If the Obama plan is to spend us into oblivion, it is working well. I can always move when we are no longer a free nation, that’s not a problem for me. My problem is Obama trying to quiet all against him at any cost.

Limbaugh doesn’t have to hope Obama will fail, he is a witness to it in the mans first twenty five days in office. I have written the book, THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA, and they are trying to ban it, ban me from my views, get rid of me. I will leave when all hope is lost.

What I say in my book is truth. If one cannot go through the proper channels to quiet someone, then they are going about it in the wrong way because threats won’t work on me, I have been threatened by worse.