Mr. Censorship

Once all the money is gone, it seems that our rights are next. Ever since George Washington was our President, Newspapers have been lampooning our political figures, which is until now.

The Fairness act, which some know as The Obama stifle, is going to be on the top of our Presidents political agenda. It seems that he is so sensitive, he doesn’t want anyone, and I do mean anyone saying anything bad about him.

Obama is going to try and quiet the masses on radio. The right wing conservatives must be silenced now. I am sure all Democrats will jump on this one, but the question remains, will the American people stand for any more socialistic views?

America stands for freedom and the right to speak our minds. Now are you sitting down for this? The Obama clan wants to stop what is being said about him on the internet. This to me sounds so damn familiar, isn’t this what Adolf Hitler had done I the thirties and forties?

If this attempt fails, it will be for one very good reason, Obama failed going against the constitution of the United States and everything it stands for. We the people will not let him win this one.

Little by little Obama is trying to strip Americans rights away until his agenda can take affect, a socialist agenda which will be one more step closer to a communist nation.

First he will keep the American people down and out, struggling for food and standing in the bread lines. Next he will quiet all the forces that will try and rise up in arms against him. What will be next, artists in the asylum? Mr. Obama, your inexperience surpassed your mental capabilities. You show your true colors when your actions are speaking louder then your words.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Censorship

  1. For me its unbelievable when this issue was before our legislative branch of government, referring to the temporarily controlling factions within the GOP; and why would the GOP “only” agree to a bipartisan stimulus bill if it was “one-half” authored by them. Are these folks ready for the fruit juice farm or what? Do they understand the meaning of the word “compromise?”

    Isn’t this why, we in America we go through the trouble of having elections; to see who more or less, which “party” controls the mandates presented before our “elected” congress?

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