Obama Rules~Thinking Outside The Box

Tired of hearing about pork stimulus packages, too bad, it is going to pass anyway. To stimulate, you need to work, the more you work, the more you spend. We can make sense out of all of the mess we are in. If you think there is pork in this stimulus, then think again. Here are the reasons behind the why.

$2.5 million for a waterfront duck pond, and another $200,000 for a dog park.

Ok, those against it don’t see what the Obama team see’s, like who doesn’t like to feed the ducks? You will need to spend money to buy bread. The dog park is a given, someone will have to clean up after all the dogs, that’s a job now isn’t it. So there you have it, those stay in because we are spending and creating jobs.

Pelosi’s pet project, and I mean this literally, $30 million to save mice will create loads of jobs.

Remember, we will now have lots of people trying once again to invent the better mouse trap; we will need exterminators to rid these pests from our homes, our farms, and our apartments. See, you just need to think outside the box when it comes to this stimulus and more importantly, Obama rules.

You know Ronald Reagan was wrong when he said, “the problem is not too much government government is the problem.” What we need is everyone in the whole country to be sworn in as a government official, then we would all have a job, yeah that’s the ticket. More, more, bigger, bigger spend, spend, ha, ha, ha, no, I am not insane, just going with the flow.

I can see it all now, Obama was right the whole time, he is always right, He shouldn’t have to deal with anyone that speaks against him, he shouldn’t need to deal with those silly republicans, he shouldn’t need to deal with radio talk show hosts, so what to do with all of these people making his job harder then he thought? Mr. President, is I may make a suggestion, I know I am just the little guy, and I know you shouldn’t need someone like me even speaking to a great god like yourself, but, if you do away with the first amendment, we can get all those people that speak ill of you and send them to all those empty prisons we will have once you set those people free. Now, get rid of the second amendment, the right to bare arms, we don’t need guns any more. You and I both know, guns kill people so get rid of all the legal ones anyway, we wouldn’t be able to find the illegal gun toting criminals, but at least that silly amendment will be out of our hair forever.

Mr. President, we need to say this for all to hear, you and I both know that when this country was founded, those guys were fools. They didn’t know how to fix things like we do, am I right? We need all to see that all those years ago, those men owned slaves and now it is time for them to pay. Go ahead, your call, change everything so it is to your liking, you won, you need to start showing all Americans who the real boss man is now. Freedom is so overrated isn’t it Mr. President. I know that Washington, and Franklin, would agree with you, um, I meant Denzel and Aretha. I know the plan and I am with you all the way Mr. President, if you keep us down, we will be easier to control. Now go ahead, pass that stimulus, empty the jails, set the terrorists free, and show everyone who rules, Obama rules.


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