Haleigh Cummings~The Search is On

Haleigh Cummings, a five year old girl went missing from home, in Putnam County, Florida on Tuesday, Feb. 10th. Haleigh is 3 feet tall with blond hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and underpants. Her father Ronald Cummings, and girlfriend are suspects in her Tuesday disappearance but they both stated that they passed a polygraph the police did not say if they did or not.

Ronald was at work but when he returned home his frantic girlfriend who did call 911 said, “I woke up and she was gone.” Ronald’s girlfriend is 17 years old and he, 25.

My gut feeling tells me; once again what we have here is another case of fear, fear of getting in trouble. I understand that a 17 year old is not yet dependable enough to take on all the responsibilities of motherhood or a long term relationship.

When a 17 year old is alone, bored, sometimes they can think only of themselves. My suspicions are that the 17 year old girl left the home to either be with someone while her boyfriend was at work, and left the children home alone, just for a little while. When she returned just moments before her boyfriend walks in the door, the child was missing. Haleigh either walked out of the home as she had done so many times before, and wondered into the woods alone, or indeed was abducted while gallivanting in a neighborhood that houses 45 sex offenders. I also wonder why a man who has a live in girlfriend underage, is not also called a sex offender and who buys her smokes for her?

How many times are we going to see this scenario before we end this incongruous way of a so called family life? The little girl was living with her real mother when Ronald took her for a visitation. He never returned the girl and went to the courts for permanent and sole custody. He gave the courts a false address for the real mother and she never was notified therefore she missed the court appearance and he was awarded sole custody.

When does a mother find it hopeless enough not to fight for her own child? When does a man think it ok for a child to care for his own children? The search is on once again for yet another lost soul in the vast universe of parents who just don’t care enough about others and only think of themselves.

UPDATE:The 17 year old’s father is missing as well and is a sex offender. This whole situation doesn’t look good, sounds like a Jerry Springer episode in the making. I only hope the little girl stays safe and the perp is caught and punished.

Update: Ron ran off to get a very expensive tattoo. He broke up with Misty and a week later would get back with her and ask her to marry him. They spent more money on a week long honeymoon while strangers are left to find his daughter for him. It is as if he knows where the child is and is just not telling. Note how before answering any questions, she looks at Ron first. Just sayin.

Anyone with information about the girl is urged to contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 329-0800 or 911.


6 thoughts on “Haleigh Cummings~The Search is On

  1. Bob, I agree whole heartedly with you about the 17 year old child. Why would any parent feel that a 17 year old child is capable of caring for their children? A babysitter? Sure once in a while but I have also found that using a 17 year old as a babysitter consists of ordering them pizza, movies, having your children either in bed or just ready for bed, a computer handy and not much expectation of anything being picked up or put away when you get home. Now we are talking about babysitting, not everyday life where a 17 year old is considered the “mother figure”. Yes she is the one they should be leaning on and the courts should also be liable for allowing this mother to be wronged and in turn having something horrific happen to her child.

  2. For some reason I´m obsessed with solving this case. I´m hoping that the police know a lot more than they are saying and are waiting to make a move…I have 2 theories:

    1. Ron killed Haleigh in one of his temper tantrums BEFORE he went to work and all was staged, hence Misty´s changed stories.
    2. Misty went out to have some fun and came back and found Haleigh missing. If Misty had been there she would have heard the screams or noises from Haleigh.
    3. I think Haleigh is dead in water, but I hope not.
    4. What about air conditioning man, local deviants??? Police are´nt saying much.

  3. They know and are gathering more evidence before pouncing. Ron makes it a heavy point to keep saying, “I was at work and I don’t know nuffin.” Then he smirks. Misty keeps looking at Ron before she speaks. Misty is going to crack soon. She is more clear headed these days but still a teenager. This is all on Ron and Misty’s shoulders.

    Join us on the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH message board. We work together figuring out things like this.

  4. I am here to say that Ron and Misty did not make Haleigh Disappear and they did not kill her.

    According to my Psychic Information Mistys cousin who was angry at the father and who had gotten into an altercation with him returned and kidnapped the child and headed south and I believe somewhere between the kidnapping and going home to tenn he made a stop in the Ocala Florida area and I believe he killed her.

    I see a campground area of some sort with no electrical hookup much like a state area or state park situation that I feel he stopped for a time.

    I do not at this time know where he disposed of the body but I don’t believe it will be found near the home.

    Only time will tell if this Psychic is right but I think I should write this because people are so quick to believe that the father and Misty did this and I believe this may be because we are all so sad and obsessed with happened to poor little Caylee Anthony and now I believe in the future when a child disappears the family will be the first we pounde on.

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