It is Time to Sink or Swim

Obama bigger then ever as he walks tall across the country trying to convince the millions of Americans who are now against this spending spree. Is he trying to convince Americans or himself?

Many critics of the spree have criticized Obama for filling the spree with pork, fillers, and nonsense, like computers for schools, which will not help the economy one iota.

Many say it is payback for favors or pet projects that were placed on hold for many years. Pelosi wants to save field mice. Think of all those Americans that worked so hard trying to invent the better mouse trap.

Some even say, the unions will benefit from Obama’s master plan to create his master race, his social agenda, with the communist feel. This stimulus will not create but destroy lives. The tax cuts will get the average working stiff a whopping $13.00 a week in their pay checks.

We are Obama’s boss, you and I together can stop this madness is we stick together. Is this a gamble we all should be taking at this point in time? 9 trillion dollars is the magic number my fellow Americans. They will blame Bush for creating a trillion dollars in the deficit when Obama blew that much in his first three weeks. Look, Obama and biden has his and hers planes and not to forget the private plane for the limo. Spend like there is no tomorrow Obama its not in your blood, it is in your plan.

Obama is a magical trickster. He is advertising savvy and should try going into such fields. Obama is not Jesus although people like Oprah will make some think that as the devil will try to do when given the chance. What Obama is, is a padder, he will pad the audience with people that seem to be all for him and even bow at his feet.

The poor, the truly poor need to understand that government is not here to be used as a crutch. They need to work and work hard but unfortunately they will always want this hand out which will take its toll of all of us. Folks, it is time to sink or swim, those who never learned how to swim will just have to deal with it and learn very fast. If they wait for the life rafts, they might just die before it gets there.


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