Fees, Fines Foe’s Funds

Fee’s fines foes and funds, they want the blood of all Englishmen. Be them live, or be them dead, they’ll grind our bones to pay the debt.

Here is some of what the Democrat socialists are calling internet chatter. Internet chatter is not unlike terrorist chatter for a simple reason. They are listening, watching, and trying to stay one step ahead of we, the people. Yes big brother is back and he is bigger then ever. They set up conferences, and speeches with a hand picked audience so we can see that ordinary people, like us are agreeing with them with the chance that we are weak and will turn a blind eye to the facts.

If you take a closer look, through our truthascope, you might see something most do not see. Henrietta an elderly woman who just happened to be picked to be one of the few who were able to ask question of the President told him that she was homeless. She said, she needed a house and low and behold, she received one. Wow, isn’t this special? I guess Obama was just that lucky to have her there in her very expensive dress, hairdo, and make up. Next I see a 19 year old acting so goofy, like he was fresh out of acting school. He told our leader of the free world, he worked for MacDonald’s for the past four and a half years. Obama hit a home run again with this one even though he would have landed that job when he was fourteen, not legal, so here we go again.

The two aforementioned were not paid to appear but one did get a house and the other a job. Are we watching what our fine young President is doing and not what he says? Can you say, hand out?

I think, in this land of ours when so many are so doomed according to the Obama crew, it is great that we can all find humor. I laugh almost every day. I laugh when I can see the guest list stacked with liberals. I laugh when I see so many poor souls, waiting to speak to the President. Isn’t anyone in this country working? Obama is a lucky man to only find the people that either agree, or are so depraved, well maybe lucky isn’t the word.

Here are some other words that might make things clearer or maybe not.

Fee’s, well that’s what we will need to pay is we are late paying, unlike some of Obama’s cabinet.

Fines are those fines we will be paying if we are indeed late with the fees.

Foes are all those that know a scam when they see one.

Funds are the trillions that we will be paying all the fees and fines to.

People that know better will tell you, “If we do nothing, the country will bounce back. People that wan’t to socialize will tell you, “we need to spend until we are blue in the face. The red and white were sold to the French.” Oh my, a Pelosi Mmouse is scurrying across my floor, “SQUISH!!!, GOT EM.”

Obama is using the Americans who have a dream, their dream is unlike the American dream we all know and want. The new American dream is to live free and clear, a better form of welfare. In this new age of handouts, these Barrackoholics, the ones that just can’t seem to get enough of the speeches, and rhetoric Obama is handing out, they want everything free and Obama wants to use their hopes offering them that kind of government. Obama is nothing more then the Pied Piper, and the lemmings are going to follow him right off the cliff.

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