To Cindy, George, and Lee

To Cindy, George and Lee Anthony

Cindy and George Anthony, grandparents to little Caylee Marie Anthony will hold a memorial service welcoming all who wish to attend to say their goodbyes to this little girl that was cut down in her prime. They will be donating all proceeds to charity to help children which is something positive. They will have closure to a very bad situation in their lives, and may they find the happiness they seek.

To Cindy and George, my heart and prayers go out for you and Caylee Marie. Caylee is with God now, in his arms, smiling and looking down upon you both. You will never get over this heartache, but after time may you at least have the memories having known Caylee.

To Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee who is in jail for murder, won’t be watching this memorial on television as if she wants nothing to do with it after it is not all about her. She has nothing but contempt for anyone that isn’t focusing on her. She now has nothing but disgust for her mother and father for grieving over Caylee, their precious granddaughter for one simple reason, it is not all about Casey.

Casey, we may never know why you did what you did. We will never know why flesh, and blood act this way, but what we do know is that your soul will be in the fires of hell for a long time.


14 thoughts on “To Cindy, George, and Lee

  1. My heart goes out to George, Cindy and Lee Anthony. They should be left alone. It is admirable they would open up a public funeral for Caylee since there are so many that have and will hold this little one in their hearts. They didn’t have to do that. Don’t forget, they not only have lost their beloved grand-daughter, but it is suspected that their own beloved baby girl grew up and possibly murdered this child. Why is there not more compassion shown for this family? Have any one of you who accuse and point fingers ever suffered this type of loss? Without compassion you all are acting just as you yourselves say Casey is acting. No love, no compassion no insight to pain.
    think about it!!!!

  2. I just hope that the memorial isn’t quickly turned into a circus. It seems that protesters are already preparing for the opportunity.

    I also hope that Cindy Anthony isn’t using this memorial as a last chance to “stand before the cameras” and get her last few minutes of fame.

    Shame on Leonard Padilla…he’s planning his own memorial, near the site where Caylee was found. Twisted idea…who is he trying to impress?

    I’m happy to hear that little Caylee has been cremated. I hated to think of her in a cardboard box at the mortuary.

  3. Cindy and George Anthony. I don’t know that you will ever get this message but it’s meant only for you. As a parent and grandmother, my heart goes out to the both of you. I kind of understand how you have been torn in 2 different directions, wanting to protect your daughter, and grieving for your grand daughter. I’m am no one special, just another piece of the public that has followed this terrible, horrifying ordeal from the beginning. I hope you are able to express the feelings you want to share with Caylee without any trouble from the thousands of people that will surround you. This is probably the absoloute worst day of you life, and your husbands, and lee’s. Of course I have my own feelings about what happened, but more importantly, at this moment, there should be no finger pointing. Tomorrow’s day is all about Caylee. There will be hundreds of thousands of people greiving with you tomorrow, and I will be one of them. God Bless your family, and I pray that he will bring you all together, even stronger than before. I pray that George will make it through tomorrow. We do not each other, I feel like I know you just a little. You do what you feel is right, and don’t worry about the hecklers. They will still be there when all is said and done. I hope you get to read this, and realize that someone out here is thinking of you, your husband, and your son.

  4. This is just an attempt to appease the public, remain in the media’s eye and create a cash flow at the same time.

    Nothing more. Unfortunately, Caylee Anthony really has very little to do with it. She’s just an excuse for these folks to cash in.

  5. cindy and george my heart go,s out to you i also loved and lost a grand child kristina 6yrs ago she was shot and killed by her step father and i though he loved her no one no,s your pain but i do as i watch this it is as if i am watching my grand daughters all over again to our loveing grand daughters i hope my kristina is holding your little one hand in the eyes of our father god bless you and your family blessed be edie in tennessee

  6. Robin you can feel how you want I guess, I just don’t understand that if you don’t know with 100% certainty that this has little to do with Caylee then how you can state that? None of us can judge what the Anthonys are doing. Like Wanda above said, without compassion we are just stooping down to the lowest level that is Casey. It takes a special kind of person to rise above the hate and actually say or do something good in bad times. It’s not easy but it can be done. It’s obvious they loved Caylee, I would be hurt if someone said I didn’t care about my grandchild. I think the Anthonys’ are moving forward and the whole issue with Casey is an entirely different situation. She’s a person that really needs help, medical, psychological, what ever.

  7. Compassion, okay fine. But what is wrong with calling George, Cindy, and Lee to testify under oath at trial? Maybe they can shed light on a few facts relevant to the case. And I suggest, that under oath, they try telling the truth.

    Casey won’t have to testify, and will hang herself if she does. But the rest of the family can be called to testify. Their version of the facts will be checked against Amy Huizenga and others who will be called as witnesses.

  8. Cindy, George and Lee – I watched Caylee’s service on TV – It was beautiful – My heart goes out to all of you – I feel this is Caylee’s day – Right after the service Nancy Grace came on – and there goes the BOMBSHELL – Casey is not watching the service – she is planning her defense – Her brother Lee is sending coded messages to her using the initials CMA — Just maybe that was his nicename for Caylee – and maybe her lawyer visited her today because he didn’t want her to be alone – Can’t we just hold all our means thoughts for one day – Caylee’s day – Anyone who has children has to realize after watching the service and the video — they are a family just like most of us – they did the things with Caylee we do with our children – this child was loved – Caylee loved her mother – no matter what we think of her – Caylee loved her — and so does her Mom and Dad – Just like we love our children — we might not like what they do – But as a parent we always love them – Please just for 24 hours give Caylee her day — Love and hope that what we need more of —– Sandy

  9. I am going to go on record by saying, Nancy Grace, is part the problem not the solution. She couldn’t make this day about Caylee, it had to be about secret messages. Nancy, I love you but honey, reporting the news is not all about being agressive.

  10. Bob, there are so many people who actually HATE that people have different
    opinions than theirs which blocks the intended value of many blogs.

  11. My heart goes out to George Anthony. He seems the only one that has any common sense or feeling for his grandchild that was murdered.

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