The Mexican Drug Cartel is taking over

Mexico has a huge problem between its corrupt government and the drug cartel. A lot of Americans who go over there are now missing. The drug cartel is taking over and now spilling over the borders. America now refuses to do anything about this situation and most likely remain neutral until it is too late.

Americans still love going to play in Mexico. They love to party there and have so much fun at such a cost. The drug cartel there is kidnapping innocent Americans at a rapid pace with no regard for their lives.

We in the media cannot speak of such things without repercussions from our own government who denies everything. When American lives are at stake, we need to care enough to speak out no matter what. If you don’t see my blogs here any longer, you know I lost the battle one way or another. People die for speaking out against this drug cartel, but so be it. If I can’t speak out on whats right, then at least I am going out fighting.

To Cindy, George, and Lee

To Cindy, George and Lee Anthony

Cindy and George Anthony, grandparents to little Caylee Marie Anthony will hold a memorial service welcoming all who wish to attend to say their goodbyes to this little girl that was cut down in her prime. They will be donating all proceeds to charity to help children which is something positive. They will have closure to a very bad situation in their lives, and may they find the happiness they seek.

To Cindy and George, my heart and prayers go out for you and Caylee Marie. Caylee is with God now, in his arms, smiling and looking down upon you both. You will never get over this heartache, but after time may you at least have the memories having known Caylee.

To Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee who is in jail for murder, won’t be watching this memorial on television as if she wants nothing to do with it after it is not all about her. She has nothing but contempt for anyone that isn’t focusing on her. She now has nothing but disgust for her mother and father for grieving over Caylee, their precious granddaughter for one simple reason, it is not all about Casey.

Casey, we may never know why you did what you did. We will never know why flesh, and blood act this way, but what we do know is that your soul will be in the fires of hell for a long time.