Tot Mom Sells Soul Again

Casey Anthony sells her deceased daughters pictures from her jail cell, not for profit, but to pay attorney fees. A wrong move giving attorneys free reign over photos because they can make money off an already bad situation which only proves that some moms just don’t get it.

Casey Anthony, “The Tot Mom,” is showing bad taste, by paying her attorney bills by giving them photo’s, and videos of her daughter little Caylee Marie Anthony. Caylee who was missing one month before Grand Parents forced Casey Anthony to start weaving her tangled web of deceit was found dead and abandoned in the woods a few hundred yards away from the Anthony home.

It would be easier if the mother and Father of the accused Casey Anthony would sell the pictures for her but they would never think of doing anything that shameful. Casey found it the best possible way to pay her attorney bills from a jail cell.

Casey Anthony is costing the state of Florida millions of dollars after being charged with the murder her daughter. The trial can take anywhere from one to two years to begin litigation. Casey Anthony deny’s all charges against her.

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