The Obama Plot to Over Throw America

Most of us don’t know what Obama is going to say on the television tonight in what is called his first address to the nation. One can only guess it will be a desperate plea to all Americans to accept this spending bill. He will tell us how if we don’t act now, there will be a catastrophe. He will tell us once again, how we need to work harder and let the Obama change happen. He will tell us how spending money is the only way to bring the economy back to its rightful place. He will probably go on by telling you that the politics of old don’t work, America is broken and only Obama can fix it. He will take cheap shots at George Bush again even though he is now the President. He will play the salesman for his agenda that will crush us.

The days of boosting America with pep talks are over and the days of scare tactics are here for at least four years. Mr. President, you are no God, I know God and believe me, you are no God, just a flip flopping foolish man. You say is we don’t act swiftly we will be ruined. Many say, including myself say, if you go through with your plan, we will be ruined, now Obama toss the dice.

He keeps saying create or save 4,ooo,ooo jobs. That makes it even does it not? If we lose four million, then gain four million, why not just leave things alone? No, Mr. President, Americans that placed truct in your hands are jumping off in droves.

The fact is, if the government does nothing, we will be better off and as silly as it may seem, the days of Obamaism is coming to a close. A prophet once said, “The end of the world is coming, a man from the east will start world war three.” I now think that time is now if we go down the path that the false messiah is taking us. He is changing all that America stands for. He is letting terrorists go free. He is giving us away to China and Arab nations, he is keeping us down by telling we are no good. We didn’t let Hitler get away with that and we sure as hell wont let Obama get away with it. The people that were sure he was Jesus and voted for him will never see what is right, and will always defend this man for what he is doing, oh lord what this man is doing. We are seeing a trillion going into this package, what we are not seeing is, when all is said and done, we will have spent 10 trillion, when the hell will this end, not in our lifetime.

Obama can use his scare tactics to get his agenda done, but we as Americans won’t stand for it, we never have and we never will. I beg anyone who reads this, please, don’t listen to what he say’s, watch his actions, watch what he does, words are spoken with a forked tongue. According to Obama, America was a loser until he came along. According to me, Obama has an agenda to crush this counrty and turn it into his personal toy of power. You heard me say this over and over again, and now because you refuse to listen, you can live a life as you never known before. One word of thanks Obama, I thank you for quoting from my blog in front of the whole country. Mr. Obama, you can’t blame Bush forever, time to take the heat and as always, God Bless America.

2 thoughts on “The Obama Plot to Over Throw America

  1. He hasn’t held the same job for more than two years, always campaigning for the next promotion. There is no evidence that he knows how to do anything besides campaigning.

    The people who voted for him were just caught up in the moment, the pomp and glory. Now the pomp and glory is over. They didn’t want it to be over. They didn’t think this far ahead. Now he has to do a job that he doesn’t have the experience to actually do (according to both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden before they “changed their minds”). What else is there to campaign for? King of the Galaxy?

  2. lok up, “The depression of 1920.” The depression of 1920 was deep and devestating. nothing was done at that time and the economy bounced back within the year and it was better than ever before. 1929, well we did what we are doing now and those results are in history for being the worst economy ever.

    I wonder where all the salesmen are selling America, buying American, for Americans? Why all the spook tactics? (NO PUN INTENDED)In the next two years Obama wants to spend ten trillion. He wont stay around that long.

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