Pelosi~Her Shopping Wish List

President Obama is changing the way politician does its business on Capital Hill. He headed into office demanding bipartisanship and was not careful what he wished for.

When President Obama gave Pelosi a free reign on what went into a so called stimulus bill for the United States, she padded her frivolous spending agenda with little stimulus, and a whole lot of pork. The republicans reached across party lines, and joined twelve democrats in a bipartisan motion to stop this bill in its tracks. This was not the kind of bipartisanship that Obama had planed on.

When the President said, “I want bipartisanship,” what he really meant was for the republicans to go along with anything he put in front of them. When the republicans see the waited spending in this bill, they refused to go along with it. Now Obama is using name calling and scare tactics to try and get what he wants. The only change we are seeing thus far is a change in what Obama told Americans he stood for when he got elected.

The republicans are standing firm because that is what most Americans are calling for. Americans are calling up their representatives in swarms against this non stimulus package. The only way it can do any good it to reverse all Pelosi’s wish list pork and do what it is intended to do, stimulate the economy.

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