Nadya Suleman, Looking for Fame

Nadya Suleman, the mother of fourteen, is under the microscope. Having eight at once when you already have six children is awesome for any mother but the motives are what smell up the room in this situation not the dirty diapers.

Nadya Suleman had these poor children to become famous. Nadya, you have to work to become famous, it doesn’t fall in your lap, although there was no room if it did. (“I want two million dollars and my own reality show.”) Even this young mother’s mother is blasting her for what she has done to her life as well as the poor fourteen children she had for monetary gain. One can only wonder if she is already pregnant again, but I really don’t think a doctor will touch her with a ten foot pole.

Nadya Suleman says, she did it out of her love for children, but being on welfare, I guess that is her job at the moment. I really hope welfare pays well because if she needs to find a job, childcare costs alone will kill her and she doesn’t want help through triditional routes.

Not only is Suleman obsessed with having children, but with Angelina Jolie as well. She has written the actress more then the average fan and some would say, the woman is having these children because Suleman heard Angelina said, “I love kids.” and she does have a few herself.

Nadya loves her kids, and has been receiving death threats over her choices in life. This is just another case of public opinion getting out of hand.

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