Aliens in the Whitehouse

President Obama hits the campaign trail once again. He is trying to talk the many Americans who are against this spending bill into accepting his package. Many Americans, as well as politicians think that the so called stimulus package is just a spending spree vented up in democrats for twenty years.

To call this package a stimulus is a joke. The package really doubles as a sidetracking scheme. Ten percent of the stimulus is geared towards programs that will lower taxes, and create jobs which should be a separate bill. The other 90% is made up of things to pay back organizations for pushing the new President into office.

Our President is pushing for a savior based economy. A savior based economy is one that needs the Government to step in as in Germany, Russia, China, and so many other countries. When did the government get so concerned? When did we change from a less involved government to a totalitarian state of government? If a company fails, it is only making room for a better company to step in. Many American businesses fail everyday only to have someone that knows how to do it better take their place, but that someone is not big brother. If we took the advice of Gore, we should be defiant towards big bro, or the establishment. We need less Government, Less Spending, not less freedoms. It is as if Aliens have taken over the whitehouse and are using mind control to save us from ourselves.

The economy is bouncing back, the stock market is on the rise again, and jobs are starting to open up again. America always wins is the always end result. If we move forward with this so called stimulus package, we may not come out a winner this time, and we will be one step further to a socialized government, and is this the change we really need? Yes we can is just not working for us anymore

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