Biden, Foot in Mouth or That Arrogant

My mouth dropped wide open as I watched Vice President Biden tell us, Americans, that our bills are not important. The credit we owe is not important and we won’t be included in the stimulus. The credit card companies already paid the companies we purchased from so we don’t need to hand out checks to Americans. Between that and Gore telling our children not to listen to their parents, almost gave me a heart attack but I would never give them the satisfaction.

I think we are like one of Obama’s cigarettes. Once he takes the last drag, he drops us, and then starts to step on us to make sure we are out.

Biden reminds me the life of the party, the one that drinks a bit and starts joking around only, he also reminds me of a robot. He is programmed one way but somehow his wires got all messed up and he is out of control, in fact they all are.

The world is in crisis, America is losing jobs left and right, and Obama is dancing with his wife. What ever happened to business before pleasure?

Today, my dog got hit by a car and has a broken leg, My car was stolen, and my home was flooded out, but I will worry about that stuff tomorrow for tonight, I have date night and I must get ready.

Biden, Foot in Mouth or That Arrogant? Maybe he is thinking of the bigger picture, the power, the presidency, no he is that stupidly arrogant. Maybe the power has gotten to all of these people but what they need to remember is that the true power lays withn the people who voted for them.

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