Obama and his Retoric Force

The United States is indeed divided. What we have is people that love being republican, and those other people, a hodgepodge of many idealistic views who hate republicans. I cannot speak for anyone but myself so here it goes.

When a republican sits in the White House, we may not like them, but we go about our lives with an even flow. Things move along and although many things can be going on that we can concern ourselves over, we live life as usual. It is as if we walk down a path. On this path is music playing in the background, maybe a violin or even a quartet.

When a democrat sits in the White House, why is it that we stagger around hitting ourselves against a way to the tune of Helter Smelter playing through a wall of sound at full volume? It is as if the devil made a college and we can’t just look at it, we are forced to live in it?

When will we be able to see, that the democrats, love to go shopping with our money. They seem to know what is best for us as if a five year old child is the parent and the parents, who are us, are treated like a child. They resort to tricks and old school politics that just don’t fit anymore. If Washington and Lincoln came back to life, the democrats would tell them to sit down and shut up, you know, like they are telling the elderly these days.

You know, sometimes trying is better then lying. Being trust worthy seems to be corny, out of touch, and down right funny, ha, ha. When someone said, “Politics make strange bedfellows”, I think they were talking about the democrats, just as Lewinski, and a host of others women, as long as you don’t ask Billy boy. If an American refuses to pay taxes, they would be fined and sometimes jailed. How come half of an administration is accused of doing that and manage to get a better job? How come Bella Lugosi Pelosi, gets to create a spending package that will help her gain power, a future, while we struggle, starve, or become homeless?

Yes, for the next four years we will be walking around with that constant loud buzzing in our heads praying for it to stop. We are promised hope. I want hope, I hope Obama resigns after this year is ended so we can live again. He hears our cries, only he doesn’t listen, he is busy plugging his ears up with hundred dollar bills, or dancing, or flying Air Force One to see how it flies which is similar to what Nero did when Rome was burning to the ground.

“Isn’t that what a stimulas bill is, spending?” he says in his personal smug way.” No, Mr. Obama, a stimulus is meant to stimulate the economy, not create a bunch of landscaping for poor people to look at. We need to spend not you, we need the money, not you, we need change, but don’t worry about it, you go dancing because it is clear that you just don’t get it yet.

When the arguments flair, Reagan is always brought up. He brought back a poor economy by lowering the taxes. People like you always bring up the spending that Reagan did on the Military. He had to because the previous President cut our military down to nothing. The stimulus needs to have tax cuts, rebates for the public, don’t worry, we have loads we can spend it on, as well as infostructure projects, all the rest of it can be tossed in the trash, or do you need it in there because you owe people for your pre election promises? Obama, you can talk the talk but when it coms right down to it, you just take baby steps when it comes to walking the walk.

Ok, fifteen or twenty days, and he is off for a vacation, great job Obama, I hope I get to go on a vacation at least by 2012. Oh well, he won, the American people lost. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Obama and his rhetoric Force, let the show begin. “We need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and start all over again.” mr President, forgive me for saying this but, I liked it better when Nat King Cole sang it.


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