The Schizophrenic World of Barack Obama

Obama:”I never said it would be a fast recovery, Well I did say I will fix everything. I always stated that you need to work harder. My hands are tied, because of my puppet presidency, now watch me dance as my staff pulls my strings.”

Our new president was voted in for two simple reasons. First he was voted in because certain media stations are on the same page as our fearless leader. When our messiah was sworn in to office, everything changed. It is fare to say he had a lot of people duped.

Obama:”Im Barry, no I am Barack, no wait, who am I again, where is my damn teleprompter?”

The commander and chief sounded like Martin, Abraham, and John, when he commanded his audiences showing them the light at the end of a well lit tunnel. He promised change that was so desperately needed, change for a broken soul, and change for a doomed America. People bought into it hook, line, and sinker. These people forgot one simple fact, he was neither, Martin, Abraham, or John, he was just a two bit senator of a corrupt State.

Obama:”Yes, I will admit that Chicago is currupt, tis only I that is not, I never even stepped foot in Chacago.”

He is not without flaw although his voters would like to believe that he was. He would demand that he was seen in a good light and anyone that said anything bad about him would be wither ignored, or criticized. He was going to change the world, pay off mortgages, and pay all the bills for so many that voted for him.

Obama:”I quit smoking, but sometimes I need a few packs a day to kill the cravings.”

The conservatives all warned everyone about this false prophet but they are now threatened to be silenced, closed out from doing their thing, from making a living and yet, only fourteen days into his crowning, he is a failure and showing his true colors. He was great as long as he used a teleprompter, but he made the mistake of turning the damn thing off and speaking out against as he put it, cable chatter, and right wing media. He stumbled over his own words and really didn’t know what to say and he sounded like a fifth grader with a bad comeback.

Obama:”I elect only the best people that make me feel at home. It is like I am back in Chicago, where I have never been before, I swear on a stack of bibles.”

The double talk that is coming out of the White House is stupefying so many now. He surrounds himself with so called best people for the job, when most are tax evaders, and big spenders. What he did was make the inmates in charge of the asylum. He lost all control over his people and is now a mere shadow of his pre elected self. He is demanding that a stimulus bill be passed for a broken America when all it really is, is a bunch of spending that does nothing for the people of America.

Obama:”Hey, don’t blame me, I asked you if you wanted change and you all said yes, I never said it ws good change.”

Now he pardons one of the terrorists who killed several people, but remember, there is no agenda for doing so. He is playing the old democratic game with people’s lives. The White House is playing payback for big business which is going to make Bush look like small potatoes. He is in bed with G.E. who happens to own most of the media, and for what, because they can only find the good in this mortal man, and I wonder why.

Obama:”G.E. I am not in bed with them, no way, just because they own NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and a few thousand other companies Turbines, I thought you said Turbins. Hey they can say whatever they want about me, as long as it’s all good.”

Obama is selling America down the tubes, the toilet, the drain. He is treating terrorists as if they were his friends and not the enemy. He is more concerned with how his new toy, the new Air Force One, flies by taking it for a spin for a few miles. We now have people with more power then they can handle treating the American Public as they were sheep. He pretends to be bipartisan but that is a one sided deal.

Obama:”I am not selling America, just letting China and Arab nations hold the mortgages.”

Yes we can, is a load of crap and I have been saying it for a year and a half. We cam, he can’t, as simple as that. In fourteen days, he managed to cause more harm then good using the blame game. The smoke and mirrors are not working anymore. He is trying to hold up one hand while he does his tricks with the other. When he is called on it, he will just say he has no knowledge or does have any association as he did so well in the past.

Obama:”Bill Clinton is like a thorn in my backside, Michelle says that about the man too, only it is not a thorn.”

My prediction is, Obama will either resign within two years, or run away to a foreign land, one where he used to live, maybe in the Middle East. Oops, I forgot, if we say this we will be tagged as racists even if it is truth.

Obama:”I am not a crook, I am just a man who wanted socialism, oops, I mean liberalism, um, no I mean, what is good for everyone, you know, change we need.”

I will just chalk one more up for the democrats. Obama is right up there with Carter, who had the worse economy, the impeached Clinton, who did not have sexual relations with that woman, and Gore, who is in the middle of a mid life crises acting like a hippie telling our children not to listen to us. I can see it all now, Obama sitting in the dark, all by his lonesome chanting, “yes we can,” over and over again as Oprah hides out eating her self to death.

Obama:”Yes, I can, yes we can, I am like that little choo choo that could. disbanding the marines, yes I can, and besides, we don;t need the Navy and the Marines do we, do we really? I only ask because I really don’t know for I am Obama, and I can do anything I want, because I won. It’s good to be the King”

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