Stimulus Schimulas

We do not need a stimulus package to rise again. Politicians want you to believe that America is doomed but we are not and I can prove it. If politicians can find a trillion dollars to spend then all is not lost. The fact that they can print a trillion at the blink of an eye is proof enough that we are still a strong nation despite what the dirty politicians would have you believe.

If we are so dyer, then why are they willing to spend so much on so little? People in this country are losing jobs because the politicians want this to happen. The more they can control us, the more power they will have to do so.

We watched as all the leaches in this country came out of the woodwork with hands out ready to accept a man who promised them that he would fill those hands. Now that this hasn’t happened, the leaches are making their way back into the wood waiting for the nest thing they can gain from.

Stock markets are bouncing back slowly but they are bouncing and without turning us into a total Chinese and Arab owned Country. To spend this money in the name of stimulus would dig us deeper in debt and the company store will be waiting for payment when the smoke clears.

If they are truly wanting America to be as great as we can be, either give the people the money or end the stimulus chatter or better yet, use it to pay down the debt. Get the deeds back from foreign governments that now own our state lands.

What we need to do is start buying American once again. Why are the politicians not talking that up these days? They don’t talk about buying American because they don’t want the foreign governments to be displeased. If we ruffle their feathers, we might just lose half of our land and the Native Americans will be laughing all the way to the banks.

Mr. President, stop the rhetoric and start leading as promised. You too owe us at least that much.


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