Racist or Reality

I being one of these accused racists come here not to gloat, well, yes, to gloat, and would love for someone to admit when they were wrong. Many said, Obama was not seasoned enough, ready to be the head of a country but we were called racist. We never wondered why Obama was so popular, who wouldn’t be when they bombarded us promising hope, and change during the elections.

When we first heard Obama speak, it sounded as if he was listening to a lot of speeches by a lot of past masters so he got it right when it was his turn to speak. We the racists saw through a very shallow campaign, when so many couldn’t due to the blindness of his words.

The man then started to seek out the smartest politicians in the business no doubt getting advised to do so. We must not blame Obama for these choices just for taking bad advice.

Obama throughout his lifetime seems to me to be a guy that just wanted to fit in. He would try things and see where he would fit in and many of those choices were not great ones. We saw a strong man who is true to what he believes in. Now all we can see is a broken man who like a child is looking for those around him for help. Those around Obama are not there to help but for their own agendas, to pay back people, and the favors they themselves promised. Obama is confused and wonders why he is not looking so great at the moment. I as the head racist, can clearly see, that he surrounded himself with people only interested in their own interests. This friends and foes, is the equivalent of a fifth grader playing against the Globe Trotters. The fancy footwork will run circles around this fifth grader.

Obama can still create change, and all he intends to if he picks himself up, brushes himself off, and starts all over again. He needs to surround himself with people more like himself, he needs to see what the people he had picked were bad choices, and fire the ones that are steering him into the worst presidential policies since Carter. All the fear mongering wont help matters as per more bad advise from his so called super team.

The birds of prey he picked are doing nothing more but their business as usual magic act, and will make all the money disappear and nothing more. Obama knows he is the boss but just doesn’t want to offend. He wants to do the right thing so badly he can taste it, only his people are making him look bad. If I may, I think those in his cabinet ar true racists thinking Obama is like the regular person living in the world, they know nothing certainly not as much as they do and they will show him how to do it. He has to show these phony’s he can do it and put a stop to their antics. He can turn things around, yes he can, yes he can but as long as those old politicians are involved, he his hands will be tied. Stand up Obama and show the world Politics can change. As long as you are using the old political machine, then it always will be politics as usual.

Thanks, from your average racist or am I? The song is Ebony and Ivory, not Ebony and bad choices

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