GOD~A Bridge to Somewhere

When did the world stop believing in God, placing their hands in the hand of what man says is good? God watches, us, all the time, and remembering that he is everywhere like a universal webcam we tend to forget the red light is on sometimes. God was the first one to come up with a reality show, and he watches us everyday to see what we do next.

People, mere mortals are always questioning Gods presents, or blame him for what they themselves have created. Have we become a society of doubters taking matters in our own hands? If we have, then why when things go so wrong to we shift the blame?

The world is made up of hypocrites. We make the bed and when there is a wrinkle we ignore it and say, it is Gods plan. God refuses to fix our messes, we made them, we need to fix them. Those who wait for God to come to the rescue are fools wasting their lives.

God gives us the majestic mountains, clean waters, beautiful animals, and a landscape that just won’t be beat, if we will stop and look. Look at the billions of planets out there, and then see what we have, not what we should or don’t have.

When greed consumes our lives to the point that we no longer help ourselves, God refuses to offer his help. So, how do we fix all of it ourselves? We tend to look at the bigger picture and want things in a hurry these days. Take a deep breath and start your day not asking God for things to be great, make them great. Take time to talk to one another, take time to pay attention to those who need it. Take the time to see the smaller things in life that you alone can make better. If we can all do that each day, we can make Gods plan work again. God created a map but man is just to proud to ask for directions.

3 thoughts on “GOD~A Bridge to Somewhere

  1. Yes. I think many people who are not true believers, or are not quite sure about God, feel that He should fix all the wrongs in the world. “If there is a God, He would have stopped that or done that.” Crazy thinking isn’t it? First of all, how does that person know what God would do and secondly, like you said, God puts us here and then basically watches what we do. It’s up to US not Him, to do the right thing. Then it’s up to us to realize that things happen that we can’t control, like accidents or a tragedy. It’s how we handle it or what we do to resolve it. It’s kind of a lazy way of thinking to say that He should stop a car crash from happening or not let a person drown. If He did then this would be Heaven and it’s certainly not. I totally live my life with the “what would God think” attitude. Not with everything but in certain situations, when you say or do something, ask yourself “would God be smiling right now or would he be sad?” Depending on what you answer let’s you know how you should act. For example, there are blogs here where someone commits a crime and people are discussing it. Then a poster comes on and says all kind of mean, cruel and nasty things about the criminal. Then I think, well you are no better than that criminal because God would not want you spewing hatred at anyone, he just wants people to love one another. I am not a huge church goer or overly religious person, but I do know that I believe in God and that is something I have always done in life, try to live it they way He would want me to. I don’t always succeed but I try.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention something. That one thing I do with my children that my mother did with me is to point things out to them. Whether we are driving in the car or riding our bikes, etc. I point to a bunch of birds flying in the sky, or to all the pretty leaves on the trees in the fall, etc. I want my kids to see the little things and to let those things fill their minds with awe. I do that a lot, I look around at basic things around me and say to myself that He really put a lot of great things on this planet for us to appreciate. Too bad so many people have blinders on and don’t see all of that beauty.

  3. What is the difference between Ignorance and Apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care. This is the attitude these days. Since I have been in SC, I have seen a rainbow everytime the rain stops. I didn’t get that in Jersey.

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