Birds of a Feather

Being from New Jersey, I often see blue jays, sparrows, and crows. I seldom hear a woodpecker but once or twice a year I hear them along with the rare sighting of a Cardinal. Now living in South Carolina, where by the way things could be finer, I see a lot of things here.

I pulled into my parking space and sat there for a few minutes. It is my quiet place where the sounds of silence are welcome for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I see birds starting to land on the grass. I saw a woodpecker, five Cardinals, a pair of blue jays, and about seven more species I have never seen before. I sat and realized that these many different types of birds landed there to do a job. The job at hand was to gather up nesting for their new homes.

I thought to myself, why is it, all these different kinds of birds were not fighting over territory, grass, or just because they were different? These birds were doing a job called life. They had no other agenda then to survive.

We as humans can learn a lot from birds. We can do our job and still get along. Surely we are smarter then birds. I am sure the human brain being twenty sizes bigger then a bird’s brain, but yet, we fight over the silliest things. Maybe we forgot why we are here, the job we are supposed to be doing? Maybe, just maybe we are too smart for our own good. The fact is, we are too busy trying to out do the next person we tend to forget about our own agenda, why we are here. We just don’t stop to look around us to see how we are supposed to live. We don’t think, we do, we don’t help, we hurt, we don’t live, and we survive which is a shame now isn’t it.

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