Stimulus Schimulas

We do not need a stimulus package to rise again. Politicians want you to believe that America is doomed but we are not and I can prove it. If politicians can find a trillion dollars to spend then all is not lost. The fact that they can print a trillion at the blink of an eye is proof enough that we are still a strong nation despite what the dirty politicians would have you believe.

If we are so dyer, then why are they willing to spend so much on so little? People in this country are losing jobs because the politicians want this to happen. The more they can control us, the more power they will have to do so.

We watched as all the leaches in this country came out of the woodwork with hands out ready to accept a man who promised them that he would fill those hands. Now that this hasn’t happened, the leaches are making their way back into the wood waiting for the nest thing they can gain from.

Stock markets are bouncing back slowly but they are bouncing and without turning us into a total Chinese and Arab owned Country. To spend this money in the name of stimulus would dig us deeper in debt and the company store will be waiting for payment when the smoke clears.

If they are truly wanting America to be as great as we can be, either give the people the money or end the stimulus chatter or better yet, use it to pay down the debt. Get the deeds back from foreign governments that now own our state lands.

What we need to do is start buying American once again. Why are the politicians not talking that up these days? They don’t talk about buying American because they don’t want the foreign governments to be displeased. If we ruffle their feathers, we might just lose half of our land and the Native Americans will be laughing all the way to the banks.

Mr. President, stop the rhetoric and start leading as promised. You too owe us at least that much.

Racist or Reality

I being one of these accused racists come here not to gloat, well, yes, to gloat, and would love for someone to admit when they were wrong. Many said, Obama was not seasoned enough, ready to be the head of a country but we were called racist. We never wondered why Obama was so popular, who wouldn’t be when they bombarded us promising hope, and change during the elections.

When we first heard Obama speak, it sounded as if he was listening to a lot of speeches by a lot of past masters so he got it right when it was his turn to speak. We the racists saw through a very shallow campaign, when so many couldn’t due to the blindness of his words.

The man then started to seek out the smartest politicians in the business no doubt getting advised to do so. We must not blame Obama for these choices just for taking bad advice.

Obama throughout his lifetime seems to me to be a guy that just wanted to fit in. He would try things and see where he would fit in and many of those choices were not great ones. We saw a strong man who is true to what he believes in. Now all we can see is a broken man who like a child is looking for those around him for help. Those around Obama are not there to help but for their own agendas, to pay back people, and the favors they themselves promised. Obama is confused and wonders why he is not looking so great at the moment. I as the head racist, can clearly see, that he surrounded himself with people only interested in their own interests. This friends and foes, is the equivalent of a fifth grader playing against the Globe Trotters. The fancy footwork will run circles around this fifth grader.

Obama can still create change, and all he intends to if he picks himself up, brushes himself off, and starts all over again. He needs to surround himself with people more like himself, he needs to see what the people he had picked were bad choices, and fire the ones that are steering him into the worst presidential policies since Carter. All the fear mongering wont help matters as per more bad advise from his so called super team.

The birds of prey he picked are doing nothing more but their business as usual magic act, and will make all the money disappear and nothing more. Obama knows he is the boss but just doesn’t want to offend. He wants to do the right thing so badly he can taste it, only his people are making him look bad. If I may, I think those in his cabinet ar true racists thinking Obama is like the regular person living in the world, they know nothing certainly not as much as they do and they will show him how to do it. He has to show these phony’s he can do it and put a stop to their antics. He can turn things around, yes he can, yes he can but as long as those old politicians are involved, he his hands will be tied. Stand up Obama and show the world Politics can change. As long as you are using the old political machine, then it always will be politics as usual.

Thanks, from your average racist or am I? The song is Ebony and Ivory, not Ebony and bad choices

Birds of a Feather

Being from New Jersey, I often see blue jays, sparrows, and crows. I seldom hear a woodpecker but once or twice a year I hear them along with the rare sighting of a Cardinal. Now living in South Carolina, where by the way things could be finer, I see a lot of things here.

I pulled into my parking space and sat there for a few minutes. It is my quiet place where the sounds of silence are welcome for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I see birds starting to land on the grass. I saw a woodpecker, five Cardinals, a pair of blue jays, and about seven more species I have never seen before. I sat and realized that these many different types of birds landed there to do a job. The job at hand was to gather up nesting for their new homes.

I thought to myself, why is it, all these different kinds of birds were not fighting over territory, grass, or just because they were different? These birds were doing a job called life. They had no other agenda then to survive.

We as humans can learn a lot from birds. We can do our job and still get along. Surely we are smarter then birds. I am sure the human brain being twenty sizes bigger then a bird’s brain, but yet, we fight over the silliest things. Maybe we forgot why we are here, the job we are supposed to be doing? Maybe, just maybe we are too smart for our own good. The fact is, we are too busy trying to out do the next person we tend to forget about our own agenda, why we are here. We just don’t stop to look around us to see how we are supposed to live. We don’t think, we do, we don’t help, we hurt, we don’t live, and we survive which is a shame now isn’t it.

GOD~A Bridge to Somewhere

When did the world stop believing in God, placing their hands in the hand of what man says is good? God watches, us, all the time, and remembering that he is everywhere like a universal webcam we tend to forget the red light is on sometimes. God was the first one to come up with a reality show, and he watches us everyday to see what we do next.

People, mere mortals are always questioning Gods presents, or blame him for what they themselves have created. Have we become a society of doubters taking matters in our own hands? If we have, then why when things go so wrong to we shift the blame?

The world is made up of hypocrites. We make the bed and when there is a wrinkle we ignore it and say, it is Gods plan. God refuses to fix our messes, we made them, we need to fix them. Those who wait for God to come to the rescue are fools wasting their lives.

God gives us the majestic mountains, clean waters, beautiful animals, and a landscape that just won’t be beat, if we will stop and look. Look at the billions of planets out there, and then see what we have, not what we should or don’t have.

When greed consumes our lives to the point that we no longer help ourselves, God refuses to offer his help. So, how do we fix all of it ourselves? We tend to look at the bigger picture and want things in a hurry these days. Take a deep breath and start your day not asking God for things to be great, make them great. Take time to talk to one another, take time to pay attention to those who need it. Take the time to see the smaller things in life that you alone can make better. If we can all do that each day, we can make Gods plan work again. God created a map but man is just to proud to ask for directions.

Hey Ma, I Just Killed Bambi Again

I have never been a fan of hunting. To kill any type of animal in my view is murder especially when they can’t use weapons to defend themselves. I wrote this story and received many death threats so that should say something for the hunter and now I do believe that now, I am the hunted. I don’t eat meat, only beef, chicken, and other meat products manufactured by my local grocer, and like most people that are against killing living things, I am also a self admitted hypocrite because I am like the catholic priests, and as we all know the only meat they can eat is none. After obvious pun, I will get to my beef with hunters; here is the meat of my problem.

Long, long ago men were the hunters of their domain. Women stayed in their caves, tents, and igloos, and did the chores women did back then and as we all know, many carry on those past traditions today. This was routine and they did what they had to do for survival. Hunters hunted for the food, out of necessity, to stay alive. Maybe a bear would last a whole winter-feeding a family of six. The point I am trying to make is simple. They had no supermarkets to buy food for their families, no convenient stores, Burger Kings or Mickey D’s. They had to do what they did for continued existence. They only used hand made weapons from sticks and stones which as we know can break your bones.

Now we have the so-called modern day “hunter” and he is armed with his high-powered rifles and automatic weapons and even a cross bow. He goes out and shoots the mighty bunny the awesomely scary deer or Bambi, as I like to call them or even a fowl or two. I would understand if it was necessity but it is not. They do it in the name of sport. “Hey honey, I am going to bring you home some sparrow and maybe if we are lucky I will finally get to bag Bambi.” Sparrow I have heard tastes like chicken. Yeah, sure, put ten or twelve sparrow on a stick and hold them over a nice open fire makes for good eats. I have always said, “If it all tastes like chicken, why not just eat chicken?

A sport in my mind is men and woman competing to be the best. Sport to me is playing a game with others, and coming out a head of the rest. Sport to me is not sneaking up on a bunny rabbit that pops his head out of a hole to see what it can eat that day and blowing its head off with a snipers rifle. Deer cannot shoot back but if they could I am willing to bet there would be less hunters hunting them. These animals have no guns to use to defend themselves. It would be like the New York Jets playing a high school football team. Well that is a bad example but you get what I mean. If you must hunt then lets even up the playing field. Why can’t you hunt a bear armed with nothing but what the bear has, brute strength and nothing else? This seems fair but you would never find a hunter doing that. He would call that unfair. Let’s get a hunter to use intellect which is redundant now isn’t it? That is brains in case you are a hunter and are reading this. How about going one on one with a bobcat or mountain lion?

I heard a conversation with two men talking about hunting bears. One man explained how he shot the bear right in the heart with a scoped rifle. This tells me he was far away from the bear and shot the bear when the bear was unaware the hunter was even there. Hunter? I do not get this whole concept of the sport. If you must eat meat there is plenty in the stores. There is no need to kill Bugs Bunny or Bambi or yes even Yogi and Boo Boo. If I can keep it as a pet, I just aint eating it.

One day there was a hunter hiding in the woods. He scoped out his prey. It was a male bear and his family, three cubs and a female bear. The hunter wanted to get a little closer so he wouldn’t miss. He picks up his rifle and by accident he stepped on a twig. It made a noise loud enough to startle the bear. The bear wanted to protect his family so he charged the man. The man tried to run but stumbled and fell. The bear swiped him three times with his huge claws and walked away. He was able to use his cell phone to call for help. The Rangers came to his rescue then hunted the bear down and killed it. The reason was the bear attacked the man. Well isn’t this what sport is all about? You win some or you lose some. Well the man lost so why wasn’t the bear given a metal for winning the event? The reward for the bear is becoming a rug in the mans home. Lovely thought is a dead animal skin on my floor or a dead animal’s head hanging on my wall.

We do this in war but we all hate wars but at least it is fair. One on one is fair but a man with a weapon against a animal without is not in my book. This is only my opinion. I won’t hunt anything that I can call a pet, nor will I eat anything I can call a pet. I am not a vegetarian but I know where the food is. I have no need to go out and murder anything when there are resources available. Some call me a hypocrite and so be it.

We need to regroup and rethink. This is the year 2007 and some of us who think we are men need not prove themselves to others by killing a few birds or Bambi and hang their heads on the wall of out homes. Maybe a big gun is justification for a smaller something else. I am a man and I know it. I don’t have to fight or kill to prove it to anyone. How come we don’t hunt cow or pig because we eat them also.

Give a man a duck and he will eat for a day, teach him to shoot and he will kill for a lifetime. Eloquently put for an old guy from Jersey wouldn’t you say? Some think animals have no rights but I beg to differ. They can’t speak so they need a voice coming to there rescue.

I have written articles before and was asked in about one hundred emails to walk in their shoes before I spoke about hunting. I said in reply that I have written murder mysteries for television does that mean I should kill a man before I do?

I have had this argument for many years now. Yes picking up a package of meat from your grocer is the same as killing the meat yourself. This is what I was told, the rational by these hunter savants. It is not the same thing. The thought of picking up a gun or an arrow and thrusting a bullet or arrow into a living life sickens me. The thrill of the hunt as it was so put to me in one email I just will never under stand. I can’t get excited about killing a dear or even a duck. As I said before if you are stalking a mountain lion and you miss then the feline turns around and maim you it will be killed as a threat to society. Why should this be? I thought hunting should at least be a two way street. I can’t stress this enough but here I go again. Life is life and no one being is any better then another. We are all gods creatures and should remember this fact.

Take a look around you folks. Before man over populated the world it was mostly water and land filled with these animals. Now we push the animal, force them to live on small reserves. Isn’t this what we have done to the Native Americans? Sometimes they wonder off or become overpopulated then we say “Let’s thin the herd”. This is the hunters clever way of saying” Lets kill something today”. You can make your arguments for all the reasons to kill something that has been living here since the dawn of time but I won’t have it. You are killing my friends; oops I guess you are not my friends at this point.

Not to be confused with an obsession I want to clear a few things up here and now. I don’t care what people do. If they eat meat then good for them and if they kill the food they eat then good for them too. I just refuse to have to kill, myself in the name of “experience before you speak”.

I knew a man once. He bragged to me about his grandson, how he hunted wild boar. I listened as he went on to tell me how the pen was a four by four cell. Then the hunter would shoot the caged animal and call it their hunt. This is fair? All’s fair in love and war and the hunt I guess. If you miss the bear trying to protect its young and you miss then you die. We do not see that as fair. Think about how fair this situation is. Just to say you killed Bambi does not make you a man.

We do not eat dog or cat. Other cultures do so why not kill a few dogs and place them in our deep freeze for food. What the hell is the difference? I knew a guy that shot his pet dogs when he got tired of them. He would get a new one and when he tired of that one “BANG”. Maybe it’s just me and maybe I am wrong. I better go out and get me a shot gun with a scope and hunt me some gerbil or ferret. Hey there is a proper way to cook ferret you know. You don’t just bake or fry them. You stick a stick up its rump and then scorch them over an open fire. Maybe a squirrel or even a bat will make for some good eats. Bat tastes like chicken. I would think it tasted like licorice.

Ok so I got myself a gun now what. I am walking in the park stalking my prey. I see a robin that landed on the lake for a drink. I aim carefully and “BANG” I got it right between the eyes. Wow that felt great. Now what I feel the power now. So this is what they meant by the thrill. Yes I feel it now. I see a squirrel “BANG” now a duck “BAM BAM” now another bird. This is great more. Now a dog and two cats BANG BANG POW. Now a child, let’s see if I get the same thrill with a bigger target. There is a kid playing ball “BANG”. Yes I got him and boy I feel the power, the thrill. Hey there’s his dad, bigger target yet. Bang, bang you’re dead. Now how Am I going to get all this meat home? The man is on the hood of my car and the boy is in the trunk. The squirrels, dogs, bats, ferrets and fowl are in my glove compartment. This should last me through the winter but it is not enough for me now. I think I will start hunting bigger game. Hmm, maybe a kid then work my way up to an adult. Oh, hold that thought, I see a snake trying to eat a rat. “BANG”! Snake steaks and Boa burgers anyone? How about a hot doggie, dog stew or for desert chocolate moose made with a real moose or my specialty Bats Parmesan? Let them eat crow. Well I’m not feeling that hungry so Ill just get the salad and count my blessings. Tomorrow it is Kid Creole and Granny Stew.

Hey before I go I will send you a picture of my brand new cat skin rug. It took almost a hundred of these little buggers to make it. I like the way they placed the white Persians in the middle and the calico on the outer edges, and it has a kitten fringe. It is one handsome trophy. On my living room wall I have these trophy heads, a moose, an elk, my mother in law.

Let’s live together and try to understand why we are here, all of us. If you have hunting in your blood, then please, don’t kill for fun, trophy, or to impress, kill for the food unless it is your mother in law, kidding. If you are one that hunts for the food, then go for it. Just don’t get angry when a bear malls you in the woods, it is his home, remember that.