The Naïveté of a President

When I first saw Barack Obama on the scene, I did my homework and saw he was not experienced enough to run the well oiled machine we know as the United States of America. I started writing about this man because I knew he was good at speech making which meant he could be a dangerous force in the political ring. I was called a racist for finding fault in a man that just wasn’t ready for the position.

Election Day came and went, I knew who won and started writing about his picks for cabinet positions, and asked myself, why is he picking candidates that have faults of their own, why is every pick someone that has been in trouble before? I was called a racist again, and told that I was a soar loser because he won and my candidate lost.

Now we are presented with a stimulus package with very little stimulus in it so I began writing about that and was told, I didn’t want this country to fail. Then I came to the realization. This is a new job, and like any person starting in a new job he needs to learn. He may have great ideas but the people surrounding him are trying to show him the way but it is the wrong way. It has only been a few weeks now although it seems like it has been years, and what Obama needs to do, is stop listening and start doing. His idea’s need to surface amongst the trashy idea’s of the old.

The reason the Stimulus has so much wasted spending is due to the fact that his people advising are not advising him at all. They are using him to get their personal agenda out taking advantage of a green president. Obama was only in this for a few years so the seasoned people surrounding him are running circles around him. If our President takes a step back he will find he not only can fire people that are trying to make him look like a joke, but that we wont fault him for that. To make things better for him is a goal he should carefully consider and isn’t this how real change comes about?

The key to his success is not to seek out the most seasoned, or the oldest person, it is to seek out the best people wet behind the ears or not. Every Obama pick is showing us how the politics of yesteryear works, through paybacks and lobbying. He is trying so hard to look like the best thing since sliced bread he is failing.

To make this a win, win situation, Obama should demand cooperation and have no room for slip ups which are making him look bad. He should replace anyone that has a checkered past no matter what and then he can get down to business.

Mr. President, you talked the talk and now my friend it is time to walk the walk if you want the change you seek and make America proud.


3 thoughts on “The Naïveté of a President

  1. Same problem Bush had-not enough experience and surrounded by seasoned veterans like Cheney, with agendas.

    The Obamabots were only thinking about the election. They were unable to think beyond it. Now that the excitement and pomp and glory is over, now he has to actually do the job. A really difficult job, for anyone, much less someone as inexperienced as Obama.

    This is what we get when we choose presidents based on personality and not on experience.

    Of course, the Republicans could have spared us two inexperienced presidents had they nominated McCain in 2000 instead of Bush. But he wasn’t right-wing enough on social issues. So here we are today.

  2. And the “racist” thing is going to get old. He won because millions of white people voted for him. Had they not, he would not have won.

    His race has nothing to do with anything. Except to those who are infatuated with him. Who will decline in numbers after the “new” wears off.

  3. I was listening to a speech by MLK. I am thinking that Obama listened, and tried his best to copy the inflections. His writer stole a lot from a lot. The funniest one was,
    “Will you remember the famous men,
    Who had to fall to rise again?
    So take a deep breath,
    Pick yourself up,
    Dust yourself off,
    Start all over again.”
    Fields, Dorothy; Kern, Jerome.

    You are right, the parties over, the media seems to be turning on Obama. He is letting the old gang he picked tell him what to do, he is their boss, he should start to lead without the advise of those dummies.

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