Phelps, Swim or Get Off the Pot

Michael Phelps the Olympian swimmer who has won 14 career Olympic gold medals, the most by any Olympian, was caught on a cell phone with his lips on a bong, a water pipe used by Marijuana smokers.

Usually, when one is caught in the act, they would have to pay a fine and or spend thirty days in jail. Phelps was in a photograph, he was not caught by the police. The athlete is in trouble because the media wants to make this much larger then it really is. I do understand that Marijuana is illegal, but the man was in a photo. If he was holding a knife would the media be calling him a murderer? Obama confessed to using cocaine, is he going to have to pay for his crimes?

Yes, this man is a hero to so many now that he won all the gold. The media keeps pressing the issues, guess it is a slow news day. Ok, so if this guy does time, pays his fine for posing in a picture, when are we going to see justice with the three Obama picks that evaded taxes, when will we be seeing Obama doing his time, when are we going to see Bush do his time, I can go on, but you and I know there is now a double standard in place.

As for that small town sheriff, he is just doing his job, like parking behind a billboard waiting for some city slicker to drive past doing one mile above speed limit so he can look good in front of his boys. Get off the high horse and leave the boy be, or at least treat him as you would everyone else.


3 thoughts on “Phelps, Swim or Get Off the Pot

  1. It just proves a person can smoke doobies and still win a bunch of gold medals.

    A person can smoke doobies and be President, too.

    Why the double standard? It is obvious that marijuana doesn’t really cause much harm, for such successful people to have used it.

    Legalize it already.

  2. The cops in that small town want to make a name for themselves. You know what they say, when the cop protests too much, he probabaly has something like that close to home.

    The man was in a pic, he wasn’t caught using the deadly marijane. Hold on a sec, “Cough” shot gun, ok, so what were we talking about again? Anyone up for some Abbey Road, or Floyd?

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