Caterino for President 2012 (He Wont Screw ya)

Caterino for President 2012

Caterino for President 2012

I have decided to throw my hat into the ring in 2012. I am not in the political arena which will be a refreshing real change from the politics as usual. I will list my campaign as follows and then you can judge me for what my true beliefs are. As you all know the president of the last four years, oops, thirteen days, was great on the campaign trail but leaves something to be desired when put in the situation of reality and can only go down hill from here. I will never accept any campaign monies from anyone who is for me but instead, if you buy a book that I have written, I will use all of the profits to run for your commander and chief. This is a real campaign and will now lay out what I believe is what we really need to be the better greatest country in the world.

First as President, I wont promise change because their is nothing wrong with this country only its politicians. Never has so many done so little to help its people in bad situations. They still only think for themselves and so far, the blessed one, whom you all wanted so badly and who took advantage of our willingness to need change desperately. I won’t promise change at all, but will however promise to fix problems we all suffer from.

I promise I will not surround myself with people in politics that are less than trustworthy. I promise to fill positions needed and toss out wasted government jobs that everyday people would call silly such as departments that study things unnecessary to our daily lives.

I promise to create jobs, real jobs. I promise to get our government as it stands today working, and if they decide they don’t care enough to do their jobs, then I would replace them with someone that needs a job. I promise to stop the madness, the spending that government thinks we need and replace that with a government that has only your interests at heart.

I promise to create more solar and wind power which will be made here in the United States. I promise a flat tax which will be fair to all the people. If a family makes 14.000 a year, will pay about 50 dollars a week roughly speaking while a corporation making billions will pay the same 12%. I will eliminate the property taxes completely and all filing with the IRS will be eliminated. State tax will be set at 2% across the board which will eliminate a separate tax on many other items which taxes were already paid being that the taxes were paid once when purchased new. Having a flat tax will reduce the Internal Revenue Service employees by half.

I will also implement a waterway. We will build an underground grid across our nation using a huge pipeline which will be filled with water. This enormous pipeline will have valves controlled by one station which will be determined at a later date. This idea is important for a simple reason. We will be able to use this grid to send water in any or all directions where needed. If their is a fire in California, we can direct the water which will be used to put out the fire swiftly. If their is a draught, the same method would be used to fill reservoirs. The water will come the ocean which will be easily pumped out to fill the system. Once we use the water and it hits a certain level, we fill it as needed. We will be able to irrigate deserts, send water to farmlands that are in a drought as well as lakes and streams that are low in times of drought.

I would leave the info structure alone; the states will take care of their own roads and bridges. I however will however create roads that are long needed in rural America.

I will build more hospitals, smaller ones that would be privately owned and not a part of a larger congealment because sick people do not need a business when they are sick they need fast and speedy attention. I will not create a government health care better known as socialized medicine, however I will make it easier for new medical insurance companies to grow anywhere as the existing companies will be forced to compete for business which then will naturally lower the price for health care in the United States. I will make it a right for every American that is not working, or is at poverty lever to get free health care. I feel, if the government can afford to spend trillions on nothing, then they can afford to pay for their people when needed.

My foreign policy is simple and will be headed by one man or woman which will be personally overseen by me. If a country is hiding someone that ever does any harm to the United States they have one choice, we give them one week to give up the person we are looking for, or suffer the wrath of oblivion. One, if they were smart, they will comply, if they are not, then they will no longer exist. If a country is fighting with another country we will not be involved because it has nothing to do with this country, when it does, we get involved as stated before. Their will be a no toleration policy for any attacks on our soil, and the same rules will follow. Mexico is a problem for America, if we were smart, we would make Mexico a territory as we did Puerto Rico. Then we will restore the government there as well as take out any armies which are terrorizing that nation, also, we will take out any drug facility that exists. We will them open the borders and start drilling for oil in that country which is now ours. Between America and Mexico, we have more oil needed to be drilled that all other nations combined. Our armies will be made up of prisoners and anyone that is in our jails, as well as thugs on the street, and Mobsters. If caught at any criminal activity, we don’t send them to jail; we send them to work in the army. We then can close half of the jails and prisons and put them to better use, housing, and schools.

For some reason, we forget to send the “Buy American message to our fellow countrymen. We seem to be buying more foreign cars and other things so, we will need to become patriotic once again. They say, foreign cars are better then American and we buy that line of garbage. If you think about it, these cars are more expensive but if you will notices, we see older American made cars then older foreign cars riding the roadways, so much for a better product. If we support each other we will win the war against poverty, and survive the turmoil’s that exist today.

If we keep doing business as usual, we will always have what is going on today. We don’t need so called change, what we need in our beloved country is awareness. We need to be aware that Government is bloated and needs to go on a diet. We need to stop the presses and stop printing money and keep a separate budget placed aside to pay down the national debt. The flat tax being we all pay will take care of the debt. If we can set aside a trillion and a half every year for that alone, we can eliminate the national debt in ten years. Many of the people against me will tell you that it is impossible because no American will actually buy American, I have faith that they will. They will also tell you that paying down the debt will also be impossible to do. I say, if you can spend three trillion an year for nothing, pork, then you can save it for our debt instead. They will also tell you that we are a nation that needs fixing. I say we are a great nation and all that needs fixing is the Government. They are too big, they spend way too much as you can see, and they need to be taken down a notch or three. If I am President, I will not need a secret service crew that you pay for so they will be let go. If any president thinks he needs a secret service crew for life that is very expensive to the tax payers of out great nation. If they weren’t so paranoid, and did all the right things they would not be worried for their lives. Last but never least, since reality television is so popular, why not do it from the White house. What are they afraid of? If the public sees what goes on, besides in the bedroom, maybe we will be on our toes. The minimum wage will be set to eight dollars an hour.

So, that is most of my plan, tell me what you think. I will not turn away any criticisms because I like so many am not afraid of change, I welcome ideas and honesty.

We have become a nation that is dysfunctional. We need to know and welcome our neighbors again. God bless America, where people can become free again.

Anyone interested in a real President, honest and trustworthy who wouldn’t ever think of having anyone on his team that has no morals, vote for me in 2012. Remember I will not accept any donations because taking your money for campaign parties is not American. I will however accept it if you buy a book, something I have written, and I will be happy to use that money to further my campaign at no extra cost to you. You can Google me [Bob D Caterino] or go to Amazon or Target, or and look me up. I thank you for your support and will suport all of you in 2012 when I win.


One thought on “Caterino for President 2012 (He Wont Screw ya)

  1. Hi Bob!
    Your website caught my “Ghostwriter” google alert and I read the section about you and your background. Very interesting tidbits there…I too, am a ghostwriter and LOVE the profession.

    Best job you can do in your pajamas all day. I would love to get some advice from you regarding ghostwriting or writing in general from you…I’ve been wanting to delve into the comedic writing as well.

    I hope to hear from you, you seem like a nice guy.



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