The Obama Elite

When you think of politics, don’t think of it as political; think of it as a group of clubs, social clubs. The state level, is a group of boys and girls clubs are just your average group of people that think they are doing some good for the community but their hands are tied and it is up to the more elite clubs to really dictate what they can and cannot do.

In the better clubs, you have your senators, congress and governors. These are the boys and girls that think they have it all but still, they want a taste of the élite club, the real deal, the club they all want to be a part of although they are in a good club they still strive to be in that special one.

Then there is the exclusive, special, élite, members only, no outsiders club. These are the top guys, the clique, the high and all mighty.

All the above mentioned seem to be open to the public but they are not. The show us what they want to and hide what they really think. This club holds the best of the best and no matter what they show you, you can rest assured, they are not telling you what they really are doing.

Nixon made the mistake of letting regular people see what goes on. They filmed him saying and doing things that no one but his club members should have seen. They made a film of what really goes on, and what these members really think of us. This film was called, “Milhous.” The movie showed us how it really is behind that private wall of exclusiveness.

What you see as a public view of this privileged club is an act, but what you don’t see is very real. They think of the public as bottom feeders that don’t know any better. The best example I can compare that to would be, the cheerleader squad who make fun of the geeks.

Pork is the junk this club fills in a proposal which is expected to be removed. If you want to add something in a agenda you have, just add a whole lot of pork and when others insist you remove it, they don’t see what really needs to be done. Example: If SNL wanted to do a racy sketch, they would add worse things to get the real things they want left in a sketch.

Joe Biden, acts as if the club is public. He comes off a s a good time Charlie, maybe had a few before walking out on a stage and if you haven’t noticed, Obama grabs his arm as if to say, “Not now Joe.” This is a guy that shouldn’t be in this club but Obama didn’t realize it when he picked him but it is too late now so he keeps him in check, when he can.

The last thing about this most private of all clubs is, once in, you start to feel as if you can do anything. You know you are the best of the best and everyone else is beneath you, a God complex if you will. “The do whatever I say because I know best” attitude is just a part of being in this club.

Many wonder why Obama would pick people that were once either into criminal, radical, or shady acts, that answer is simple, because he can. He is the top executive of this club and nothing can take him down a notch for he is untouchable. Nixon thought this, Clinton thought this, and look where it got them. To think one can go against the constitution is not just arrogant, but simply the attitudes, like the ones in the club have. Obama is going to try and censor radio talk shows and for what, because he can. If you think the boys in the club care, you are dead wrong. With Nancy, and Joe talking as if they know best is leaking what this club is all about.

A governor was just impeached. He was an associate of Obama’s but not an included member of this special club. Once ousted, any information about you is erased from the elite member’s memories and you become just a dream, just ask, Aires, Write, a host of Muslim cities and many others that have had associations with members in this club but now it is as if they never existed. Reagan was once a leader of this club, the political Rat Pack, but he made it a point to give us a bit more then all the opthers who were kings of this club.

Ok, so you don’t believe me, I would have guess that was coming, but remember one thing, the fact is, all the fights, and arguing between Democrats and republicans is just a way of keeping our minds off of what is really happening. Did you know, when WW2 was going on, we lost over 80 million soldiers? This opens up the job market and lets the government spend less because we have less people. That war lasted six years. The war in Iraq is well over eight years old now and we lost for or five thousand, this wont due. Russia fought the Afghans for twenty years and lost. We are now deploying many soldiers into Afghanistan and for what, well, some say it is to find one man, I say it is because we need to open up the job markets and make the head of this elite club look good. Reagan had trouble with Gaddafi, he didn’t send in a million troops to shut the man up, he sent one guided missle into the mans living room window. Since that time, we have yet to hear from Gaddafi and yes he is alive and well. I am sure we can send over a few hit men to infiltrate and find Bin Laden and kill him, but we play this game with real lives and for what, because he can, oh yeah, yes he can.

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