Rush Limbaugh~How dare he Use Obama’s Name in Vain

Rush Limbaugh’s comment about the new Messiah, Barack Obama was as follows. “If President Obama wants to try and make the United States a socialist country, then I hope he fails.” The lefty media, and the comedy stations like Comedy Central, MSNBC and others like them, are taking the words and twisting them as they always do when it comes to Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh or the Republicans. Now Obama wants to use censorship to stop anything bas said about him which is not the America I know and love. Who will be next, the artists, and writers? Do we really want to walk in Russia’s shoes?

The problem is, Obama wants to unfold his plans for this country which includes, censorship, a socialist agenda, moving deadly terrorists within our borders, and spending us into a third world nation. Obama said, “You can listen to Rush or follow me.” I follow God and no one else.

Bush endured criticism for eight years and yet we kept our right to say what we felt and all is fail when it comes to people who work for us, the politicians.

The people who think Obama is going to fix everything and that think he is the King of Kings, are delusional as most barackoholics are. If it quacks and walks like a duck, it is a duck. I am still not ready to accept Barack Obama as my personal lord and savior. Remember, there can only be one messiah at a time.


4 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh~How dare he Use Obama’s Name in Vain

  1. I guess some people can’t except criticism of any kind and want to kill the 1st amendment!
    Agree or disagree, he has the right to state his opinions!
    Get over it!

  2. What Rush said was how I feel. I agree with Rush completely and it was good to hear someone say it. The second bill o’bama signed was for abortions in Mexico how will that help us? Killing yet more babies with our tax money. What about those of us that feels (Thy shall not kill) we still are paying for those abortions! But o’bama owes the devil and that was pay back.

    Now this Stimulus Package which is nothing but a pig of pork and more pay back for votes. This is not for Americans who are out here hurting looking for a job! Bee insurance, and new cars for all government workers! Even Acorn is getting money from this!!!!Pay backs!

    Now a $93K pay raise for Congress! This is totaly insane how did this man become President? If Americans think his being president is about loving this country they are lost it is about being a movie star and the chosen one…the great ruler over us fools… This is shameful!

  3. Obama, got 90 percent of the black vote for “historical” reasons, yeah right, and thirty percent of the white and hispanic vote. The whites, are showing their friends that they are hip voting for “Historical” reasons and is has nothing to do with guilt over something that happened two hundred years ago. Why else would people vote for someone that has been in the political arena for two years? Issues do not count any more. Killing babies is not an issue for these “historians”, and they still think Obama is going to pay off their homes, food bill, electric bill. They want the new cars because, well, the fact is, um, because they can, yes they can. Yes he is paying back not for promises that he made, but for people he owes. Did you notice how everyone he picked to be in his cabinet, has done something wrong in their past? Hilary, oh yes, she didn’t do anything, thats right, unless you count the Stock Market insider trading, and we all know about B.J. Clinton. Emanueal, he was in bed with Blogaggo, two evaded taxes. This has always been the type of people Obama loves hanging out with, read his past associations, remember? Now he feels as if he is at home, Chicago politic wanna be’s. His cabinet got what they wanted in the payback and now you will never hear a word from them. Obama hates it when people talk about him. He will do everything in his power to shut people up. Rush and those guys on radio now are facing censorship with a Obama plan to throw them off the air. I am being audited, oh well, I pay my taxes, have nothing to worry about. By the way, I was on the Russ Cassell show on the radio here in Greenville friday morning. We were talking about Obama’s refusal to wear his jacket, to show the Office of the president a little respect as it has been done since Reagan. I also gave my theory on how Blaggo will not get a chance to talk, they will stop him no matter what. I had a great time. Now id looks as if America has only days to survive, here we go, the gllom or doom tactics of the socialist democratic party. so lets get this straight, either we spend a trillion on nothing at all, or we sink into a disaster. Oh my the stacks are up, the economy is going to turn around in a month and Obama wants this passed to claim creadit. Kill the bill we don’t want your dirty money. Just pay Fancy Nancy’s debts out of her own pockets. We has Slick Willy, and now we have bamboosling Barack.

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