Mr. President, I Have Seen the Light

In the defense of The President of these United States, I need to say something. First let me say that Barack Hussein Obama does not need defending, he is a grown man who has proven himself by throwing his hat into politics and becoming senator two years ago so he really knows what he is doing. I know, I have tossed around some facts making him look like someone we cannot trust but I have seen the light.

His associations and dealings should have no bearing on what he does as our mighty commander and chief. I won’t even mention those people who we all know may or may not have had relationships with the President in the past. What radicals did and do in the past and the present, or what rogue ministers say to set the civil rights movement back thirty years , or what past impeachments and even present impeached politicians did really doesn’t show me that President Obama is a bad man.

The fact is, our fearless leader in these troubled times has surrounded himself with some of the greatest minds of our generation, heck, of all time. Who else is better to head up the Tax department? His pick shows us that not only should you know all about taxes but you should know how to get around the tax laws and how to pay them without interest when one gets caught. We also have such a diverse cabinet and, shows me that the President can choose without racial, criminal, or gender prejudices.

We must make the President comfortable in his new job and make him feel at home so he can do the work that so many couldn’t do before him. Oh sure, so many tried to fix the job market, the look and feel of America, but never before did a President need to fix our souls or our patriotism and for that alone I applaud him as I know so many are doing right now.

Our President, who art in the Whitehouse, Obama be thy name. Yes dear friends, I too now see the light and be that as it may, on the end of a cigarette, the light will show us the way and remember, where there’s smoke there’s work, and isn’t that more important then what really matters?

My story is a simple one, I was at my lowest, my rock bottom when I first received Barack Obama into my life. My life has changed, I see the change, and I feel the change. I got down on my knees and clinched my fists together dear friends and I wait, for I am ready. Do you realize how much petroleum Jelly costs today?

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