Days, of Whine and Noses


I seem to have a problem with the all mighty media these days, well with the working class in general but I am zeroing in on the media. People seem to think, once hired, they don’t need to do their job as well, and they tend get lazy and look for ways to get others, the hard working crew of America to do the work.

I am using “the media,” as a stereotype and it isn’t all that are guilty in the field. I am talking about radio, film, newsprint, magazines, television programs, and the news. The real deal is getting more obvious to me and as I can guess a few others.

What is happening is, striving artists that post blogs, put videos on youtube and those who write in general, hard working so called amateurs who seem to be getting ripped off left and right. I have seeded so many out there that use key words, made up words, and catch phrases created by me and others as their own.

These bloodsuckers search the web and prey of the amateur that really have a style of their own, and who use imagination and who are very good at what they do. As I said, I sent letters to many across this vast land of ours only to find them using what I have written as their own. I also know for a fact that others like me are finding the same thing going on with their work. I am asking all who read this to comment if you have been ripped off, or if you have heard something that you have written being used by people that are paid to do what they do.

I have heard terms like, Obama Drama, and so many others being used by the media only if you look at the timeline, many things being created in the paid media use it well after it is written by the non paid media.

I have coined a phrase in the year 1969. “The Firesign Theatre, are the Beatles of Comedy.” I have found this being used today and the credit has been taken by “The Library of Congress,” of all places. What seems like a trivial thing to many is not to the writer. This is plagiarism at its peak. I also have heard radio talk show hosts that use many things I have read or written years ago. One example is a popular television program used the Beverly Hillbillies theme set to rap music. I did that bit on the stand up circuit in 1970 to 77.

We won’t stop doing what we love because of lazy people who do not have any talent of their own. The deal is as follows, once you hear something you read in a blog or in a short story, and you hear it in the media, you now think the little guy was the one stealing. Comedians do this all the time, some more then most.

I wrote three letters complaining about this to a very popular radio talk show host. I told him, I think his side kick was stealing my work. He went on the air the very next day and used some of the jokes I placed in my letter to him without blinking an eye. The thing of it is, I work hard writing things with my own take and others who make the money are taking the credit. I know who wrote it but is it fair when it is documented years before?

If you think you are being ripped off, please leave a comment. I cannot be the only one who has been in my situation. Byb the way, the vid at the top of the page I did some time ago, which ended up on a cold meds commercial.


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