Apology:Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony

As humans tend to do, we love our speculation, including myself. Casey Anthony or CMA as Lee would call her, is convicted before she gets her day in the courtroom in front of her peers. We don’t know what the evidence is we can only hypothesize from what we see in the media. I have written things in the past which certainly were not favorable towards Casey Anthony but that will stop until her trial for the media is acting like the paparazzi. No this is going to be about Mom and Dad to whom I owe a huge apology. She must act as if she is seperate from her family, and ignore the event.

We all have a certain amount of drama in our daily lives. We go to work, go home, shop, drive around town, movies, but can you imagine all of the sudden a crowd in front of your home and people calling you all day long? The lawyers set up a net meeting between two computers, one is the lawfirms and the other belongs to brother Lee.

Cindy and George Anthony, once a regular couple with regular lives having to have a daughter live with them. They should be enjoying their alone time with each other but love their daughter who also is a mother. They along with a son open their home to a daughter and a granddaughter, along with as we all have a little drama but cope with it out of love. Yes they have immunity but thats what we all would do when we are told by our daughter she may have done something very bad.

Cindy and George, now find out that their daughter is missing her child. They are furious with her and call the police which was the right thing to do. Now their lives will never be the same. Now they have to deal with a missing granddaughter, the police, a daughter who is arrested and telling them she needs to find Caylee. Like any good parent will do, they believe her and do everything in their power to find little Caylee. The crowds are building outside of their home, the media is camped outside as well, and the police are rummaging through their home. They know all they can do is cope, and look for the missing granddaughter. They needed to do this in order to hide a few real facts.

Now Casey is in jail and the focus is on her. Many start to say she killed her daughter. Mom and Dad have to deal with it but still have faith in their daughter’s innocence. George and Cindy keep looking for Caylee Marie while all of this chaos surrounding their life escalates. Cameras in their face all the time, no privacy what so ever, and now, huge crowds are picketing their home. These people are just not buying it.

Now the couple comes to the realization that their daughter might have done such a thing as murder. As the weights keep piling up on their shoulders, something had to give. George wants to end it all and Cindy is trying to keep the faith. George was saved and now Cindy has to cope alone. So between a million blogs, a hundred thousand websites and the news media, Casey is convicted and the couple is now getting fingers pointed at them as well. How much can one take. When one is alone in a fight against the world, it really is not fun or easy. When one seems alone but really has the whole family covering up for them, then things are not as they seem.

Many seem to forget, while struggling with the fact that their daughter might me convicted of murder, dealing with all they have to deal with, and the world poking them constantly, how can one even think nevertheless feel. They would now announce a precise time when each one would be speaking at the funeral.

I am going on record and apologizing to Cindy, George, Lee, and yes, even Casey for accusing before they get a speedy trial. I am not a lawyer, I am not a judge, nor am I a personal family member. I cannot ever know what they are going through and George, Cindy, I am deeply sorry, and most of all, I am saddened and sad for your loss. I am sure no one has yet even thought of saying that to these people which is a travesty now isn’t it.

Lee would now take a message to his CMA. He would tell memories, then stop to say, he will not forget what they agreed on, and he would keep his promise to her. The time was a set time, and while Casey was on camera talking to one of her lawyers, another lawyer was reassured that Lee would lie on the stand for her. It would seem to be a shame to use Caylee like this. THINK ABOUT IT


18 thoughts on “Apology:Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony

  1. If and I say IF the Anthony’s owned to inviting the media into their chaotic world then blamed everyone and that is everyone that ever had anything to do with their lives for their trouble, and IF they acknowledged that they ignored the inevitable signs of destruction and IF they acknowledged their lying to the public after they invited the public into their lives and IF Casey would be honest for once in her life I might agree with you. However I cannot apologize for my opinion of the situation. As a medical professional one NEVER forgets the smell of a decayed body. EVER. Then to lie about it especially when it could be a child or grandchild or family member is unforgivable. These people would have done best by standing by their daughter all the while encouraging her to be HONEST her WHOLE life. Consequences are not equal to covering up the wrong. From infancy these people let this girl run the house. Now they are paying dearly for it. So, no I will not apologize for my opinion. I have stated many time that this must be unimaginable pain that they the Anthony’s are going through. Yes to lose a daughter and a granddaughter at the hands of their daughter. Children live what they learn. Casey did just that. She neglected a child that was a pawn in a huge mess in that home. Something was very wrong for a long long time. When you lose your entire family support because you are blind or turning a blind eye to your child’s problems you are only denying the inevitable destruction. To watch this go down in the public eye is awful to see but remember they invited us to this party. They are playing this for all this is worth.
    I wish Cindy has listened to Casey from the beginning when she said that she was not ready for this baby. No one can force motherhood on anyone. We see and hear it everyday how children, unwanted children are lost, murdered, disappear, tied up, chained up, ignored and kept in loveless homes. She just should have listened to her daughter’s cries for help for 22 years. Now they all are paying the price.
    No matter your apology is respected. A true love of a parent is to turn your child in for the illegal activities they participate in and still love them.

  2. Bob, I must say honestly this is a good Post.
    I feel a lot like You do, I too will refrain of making Comments about Cindy and George also Lee.
    They been through enough and still have a long and hard Road ahead of them. I am not that heartless to make it worse for them through my negative Comments about them.
    As for Casey, that is a different Story, I do believe she did
    what she is accused of. 12 Jurors will decide her Faith and that is how it should be.
    The Person who I have Sympathy for has been murdered, little Caylee, who had her
    whole Life still in Front of her and it was taken from her.
    I understand why People would express them selfs they Way they have, myself included. It did get out of Hand, I agree.

  3. It seems that the publicity has turned this sad case into a reality show. Most of us have forgotten that the Anthony’s are a real family, myself included. I’m guilty…I watch Nancy Grace every night and read all the blogs to get the latest updates….just like being addicted to a soap opera!

    I do feel sorry for the Anthony family. I wish the media would leave George and Cindy alone.

    The biggest shame is that Casey could give everyone around her some peace of mind if she would just TELL THE TRUTH!

  4. I just don’t think it can said any better than this.

    I apologized on my own blog about any involvement my posts might have had in George becoming so desperate. We can only hope that everyone will start to put this thing in perspective and let justice take its course.

  5. Frankly, I feel sorry for Caylee and for George. I think there is some sort of unhealthy triangle amongst the other three. What NG takes a whole hour to cover a night, other news casts just spend a few minutes on giving the most recent report. The building facts alone were enough to send George over the edge.

    George is in a safe place in the mental hospital. Home does not sound like a healthy place to to back to. Now that it sounds like what was in the bag has been connected to Caylee’s bedroom, the focus upon the Anthony house will increase. This is not fair but the “Tot Mom” drama queen created this tornado that has sucked everyone into its chaos and then has had the audacity to step inside of it claiming to be its victim. Classic! just like in the movie “Running With Scissors”

    What is additionally said is that there are other murdered children whose tot mom’s or tot dad’s are either in jail or being searched for, but the media and myself included have been obsessed with this one case.

  6. Bob,This is my opionion only.I WOULD HAVE FELT VERY MUCH COMPASSION FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY IF IT WASENT FOR ALL THOSE VERY TELLING LIES. i AM NOT A PEOPLE PLEASER WHO TELLS PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.cINDY MADE PEOPLE OR ME HATE HER LIES.sHE COULD OF DONE ONE OF TOO THINGS KEEPED QUIET OR BEEN LIKE josh Phillps mom did and been honest you can look up his case and see what im talking about so in conclusion maybe she should have lisened to MARK DEJAME.

  7. [Daliagirl said]
    Frankly, I feel sorry for Caylee and for George. I think there is some sort of unhealthy triangle amongst the other three. What NG takes a whole hour to cover a night, other news casts just spend a few minutes on giving the most recent report. The building facts alone were enough to send George over the edge.

    I agree and sometimes a controling woman can take their toll on the strongest men.

  8. I’ve been taking George and Cindy’s side since this all started. Many bloggers have replied to my comments, asking me WHO I was, calling me names, very rude remarks. I’ve said all along that Casey is a sociopath. Casey is responsible for losing her child. Her parents adored Caylee. Casey is an adult child who I believe was raised in a loving home. It’s time to quit blaming the parents. Their lives have been turned upside down because of Casey. They didn’t ask for this, and they don’t deserve to be treated badly. Put yourself in their shoes! I feel nothing but compassion for both of them.

  9. Diana, thats for a responsible comment. What many don’t realize is the lives that get torn apart and turned upsidedown. I get comments that are nothing but rude as well as if it is a child posting them.

  10. I wished Nancy would stop acting like George and Cindy not being in court is a sin. The sin was when they where lying for her and not thinking about Caylee. I don’t know if I could see her now after hearing all about the tape over Caylee face and all the facts. I would want to scream at her and go over the edge. Which I think George has now faced it was Casey who done this terrible thing to Caylee and set and lied to them and yelled at them and she killed their dear little Grandbaby. They may feel they cannot handle this I can understand that… this was a baby!

  11. I wrote

    “Frankly, I feel sorry for Caylee and for George. I think there is some sort of unhealthy triangle amongst the other three. What NG takes a whole hour to cover a night, other news casts just spend a few minutes on giving the most recent report. The building facts alone were enough to send George over the edge.”

    Indeed, as you said Bob, “sometimes a controlling woman can take their toll on the strongest men.” I think some control compulsiveness women select a strong man because they think that they can handle their hang ups but then get mad when the man ceases to be strong anymore. I also think some men think wrongly that they can carry compulsive control people for they can far too often portray themselves as a victim to be rescued and thus we get into fighting battles that are not ours. Instead, the thing to do is stop walking on eggshells.

    I for one am ready to not really hear much more about all of this until it goes to court and due process beings closure to this project.

  12. I agree that high profile cases are tried in the media before they are in court. But in an impatient, entertainment-driven society, what else would one expect?

    We don’t have the patience to wait for the trial. That is months away, and we want to know right now.

    If the Anthony family acted even halfway normal, they would have gotten more sympathy. But the lies are just too obvious. Cindy is the kind of person who lies to herself, a person who lives in denial. I doubt she will be charged with obstruction but she should think about what she says and does. It is not out of the question that she could be charged. Same goes for Lee.

  13. So – They won you over? Just what they wanted to do. Got up there and became three brand new people. No more the lieing nut cases we’re used to seeing. Lee takes his computer up to podium, speaking directly into it and talks directly to Casey in jail, on Jose’s computer. Yeah, that is different. I see why you are apologizing. George asking us all to send Casey mail. Cindy saying how wonderful Casey is, and how Caylee was ‘just like her’. Yeah, I understand …… WE HAVE BEEN WRONG all this time. What a wonderful crew, oh yeah!

  14. No, Lee wasn’t telling CMA, Casey Marie Amthony that he will not say anything about what she told him she did, using a webcam that was being watched by one of her lawyers, thats a secret and we are too stupid to see that.

    PS, I was trying something, it back fired.

  15. Being a parent, grandparent, I feel for George and Cindy. Anyone who is a parent knows that sometimes you can do the best job possible raising your children and sometimes for whatever reason they decide to take a different path. We are not always responsible for what others do. I think anyone of a mature mind knows there are choices in life. I agree Casey wasn’t ready for child…..but again choices were made. And if what most believe is true what happened to Caylee…was a choice Casey made not her parents.

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