The Blagojevich Conspiracy

The Illinois senate decided to vote against Blagojevich and toss him out as Governor All Americans are not stupid. When the Senate votes, one usually gets one or two against but not this time. Blagojevich pleaded his case which fell on deaf ears. Were they even listening? If they were listening, they already had their orders to follow. Someone higher up told them to get rid of Blagojevich, someone that has been disassociating himself from everything corrupt, in his life for two years now. To toss your associations under a bus for political gain is politics as usual only this time Blagojevich is squealing like a pig. He gave us hints to who he will name as the plot thickens.

I have had friends in the far past who I will still admit that were my friends despite what they have done in their life. I would never deny my friendships because I need to do it por my political future which in it self is wrong. Blagojevich said, “Mymain goal was to help the people of my state.” This is what Obama wants to do to us, his people but remember, there is no connection between Obama and Blagojevich, or is there?

My thoughts are as follows, If Blagojevich decides to talk, and name names it will lead all the way to the top guy. I think, Blagojevich will start to talk but be silenced for his actions. What he did was wrong but that’s just politics folks unless you want people to trust that you are the cleanest man on earth. They all do it, they do business like this every day, only this time the bird will keep singing until the cage is covered.

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