Casey Sings the Blues

Casey will never tell what she had done for one simple reason. Casey is a person that is so self involved with herself that she really blames her daughter little Calyee Anthony for all her troubles as she had done in the past.

Her family was in denial when they discover that their granddaughter had been missing for a month. They got into a fight over the missing child. Casey decided the truth would not be in her best interest. Casey’s father who is in the business of law enforcement and knew something was very wrong. He got Casey alone in her room and the two had a shouting match. Casey then took the police on the grand tour of the city and then she was arrested soon after.

Casey’s mom calls her, and all Casey was worried about was her own feelings and her well being. Still not caring if Casey was ever found, she wanted her parents to focus all their attention on herself. Dad was getting depressed because he now knows his granddaughter is dead. He also knows that Casey, his daughter was the murderer and he just couldn’t face it. Mom was still in denial but knew Casey was a liar but stood strong. Dad was not handling things well, and between that, the media attention, and knowing he lost two loves in his life he just couldn’t take it anymore. He decides to kill himself but left so many clues to be found. He was screaming out for help and he gets it.

Casey now sits in a jail cell wondering why no one comes to see her, why does she need to be in jail, why should she be in the courtroom, why does she need to be going through all of it and why the police are all against her? You see folks, Casey gets it, she gets that she killed her precious daughter but will never understand why people are over reacting, it was just a child, and it isn’t as if it was Casey who died. People like Casey lie so much to so many that they wonder why one or to don’t buy into her bull. If I had the chance, I would shake George’s hand and tell him, I could never change things back to normal for him, but support him all the same. I would also hug Cindy and support her as well. Yes, I fell into the trap and blamed the whole family but Casey did something wrong and deceived everyone around her.

George is a nice man who done nothing wrong except love his daughter and granddaughter. Cindy is a good looking woman who couldn’t see someone in her family doing such a thing. These are not crimes but human elements, faults of the heart. Casey, well for the bleeding heart liberals, she should receive counseling and mend her ways. For the rest of us, an eye for an eye.

12 thoughts on “Casey Sings the Blues

  1. Bob very well said, just what I have been thinking for a while now.
    I don’t agree with a lot of what Cindy and George have done
    in this Case but I promised myself I will refrain from judging
    them anymore, they have enough to deal with and it isn’t
    going to get better for them anytime soon.
    As for Casey, I have no Sympathy for her whatsoever.
    I will trust in the legal System to make sure Casey will
    get what is coming to her for what has been done to that
    innocent Child Caylee, her own Daughter.
    Casey destroyed the Life’s of the People who loved her the most and in the Process the Possibility for ever again having the Hope of a normal and happy Life for herself.

  2. Casey will be found guilty and be killed/tortured in prison by female inmates who also are/were decent moms to their kids despite their criminal activities. So,when it arrives at this point, Baez will ask the judge for her to be put in total isolation so she does not suffer unduly? I really feel there are about 2 more major connections to be made in this case…

  3. I think she told her lawyers what happened and they told her to keep it quiet no matter what. They sent a few guys to the site even that idiot that called it in three times in a two month period. She will break at the trial and even after being convicted she will wonder why, how come everyone is against me.

  4. I think you are right-on, that Casey knows she killed Caylee, but she is wondering “so, what’s the big deal? Why is everybody making such a big deal out of this?”

    Maybe she just views murder as a very late-term abortion.

    I don’t think she will take the stand. Her lawyers will do her lying for her. But she will be convicted. Just too many lies, all recorded, starting with her “job” at “Universal”. She must think everyone is stupid, to think she can tell easily provable lies and get away with it. Whether and where a person works is pretty easy to prove.

  5. Very Very well written.
    I have been saying right along , these two people were thrown into a no way out situation , their loss is immense and none of us can or would want to know that pain. Kudos to you for writing this , and God Bless George & Cindy Anthony.

  6. I am sorry for George because I think he is just a weak man, not a bad man.

    Cindy, on the other hand, has tried to mislead law enforcement. She should be charged with obstruction. She has been Casey’s enabler for years. Maybe she is just too dumb to see what she has done, or draw a cause-and-effect connection to Casey’s upbringing/enabling her lies to the current situation. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that much of what is wrong with Casey was due to Cindy’s parenting. I don’t feel sorry for her, even though I think she is just too dumb to know better.

  7. Comment by PB

    “I am sorry for George because I think he is just a weak man, not a bad man.”

    You need to look at this from his point of view. Get this, They were dealing with a then missing grandaughter. They daughter goes to jail, they have a crowd building outside of their home. The police ravage through their home. The child is found dead, over ten million webpages and blogs are writing “Theory” not fact about them, The media is pounding them, he is not weak, he has a limit as we all do. Cindy is really a nice woman. She is a strong woman and was just in denial. Imagine your private live becoming wide open like those two while having to maurn? We can sit and judge, but will never know what they are going through.

  8. Well, this is the way our system works when someone is murdered.

    If you don’t want police “ravaging” through your home, don’t commit murder. The police had a warrant.

    George and Cindy are partially at fault because Casey is the product of their upbringing. And they should have nipped Casey’s lying in the bud years ago.

  9. My son was in 9th grade when he taught me about blame and credit. He told me that when you are very very young even in first grade or second grade you come to know right from wrong. It is a very simple concept and easy to figure out.
    So many many children (and later young adults) choose the RIGHT way and their parents are given credit for the way they raised them. Some choose wrong and the parents are blamed. This is wrong thinking.

    Here’s why:

    The child/young adult/adult will CHOOSE. If they choose wrong, they themselves deserve the blame…not the parents…on the other hand, if they choose RIGHT, stop getting yourself all puffed up with pride that you raised them right, because THEY deserve the credit for their own choice. GET IT???? Wow….this truly opened my eyes. I raised three wonderful children and they have made many many wise (right) choices, and a few bad (wrong)ones. I don’t blame myself for the wrong ones…,and I am proud of them and give them their OWN earned and well deserved CREDIT for the good and right choices that they make.

    This piece of wisdom came from a 9th grader….my children continue to teach me many things.

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