For Caylee, One From the Heart

For you we shall never know, as many hearts smile.
We look at her innocence, her laughter, her style.
We just know she loves all in her life, in her heart,
as she colors, scribbles as she pretends to write, thats a start.

All children are precious, before they’re taught hate,
The focus is on them, before knowing their fate.
To be with the angels, is a shame at her age,
too young to die, not fearing the rage.

The youth they trust us to care, to love, to share
all we should ask in return, is for them to be there.
They want nothing but love and sometimes we forget,
before its too late, before we regret.

The tears for innocence as they flow to the floor,
To be with the angels, she is adored once more.
She never had the choices; we do as we grow,
but that part of life, she will never come know
as now she sits on a rainbow.

To age with hate, arrogance and self,
to be ignorant of feelings when your loves on the shelf.
They have no choice and never asked to be
but the better things in life she will now, and never see.

Yes, all children are precious as a better place she’ll lay,
but the tears for the innocence as we cry for today.
To be with the angels, a better place she will see,
but at such a young age, should never need to be.

So free to love under the wing and a prayer,
and the tears for innocence when we show that we care.
For you we shall never know, as many hearts cry.
We sit as we ponder and we ask ourselves why.

When God walks up to her and touches her hand
Caylee, she smiles as the two stand
and he asks her why she waits by the moon.
She says, “I wait for mommy, will she be here soon?

God just looks at the smiles on her face.
“I am so sorry little girl, this is your special place.
Sing me a song I would love to hear one.”
As the two walk hand and hand into the sun.
No more to be sad for, Thy will be done.

The light shines so bright, slowly raising their wings,
lined up in two rows, as they start to sing.
Then as they walk, God asks her is she is afraid.
Kaylee said, “Oh no sir, I am so brave.”

“Well my child, welcome to a better place.”
as she thanks her God with that smile on her face.
As one tear of innocense drops so filled with grace.
for the angels collect them and make sure they’re safe.

RIP Caylee
Uncle Bob

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