Barack is my Name, Spending is the Game.

Let’s get ready for the mother of all stimulus plans. The Obama plan which is scattered to bring relief to so few will be passed and ready for human consumption soon. Yes, it has holes but they are plugged up with the invisible pork that isn’t really there because Obama say’s it isn’t.

Most of the jobs that will be saved will be state employment jobs which will take care of three percent of the employment in this country. I wonder about the manufacturing jobs which make up a whopping six percent. These jobs will not be covered under the Obama rules and stipulations, why, because Obama Says so that’s why.

Billions of our hard earned dollars will once again be tossed in the air but where will they land. This is a new administration and must take responsibility for its actions. There is a line drawn in the sand. One side of this line we have the Bush administration and the other the Obama Troupe. I am sure Obama will not blame Bush for this huge loss because he can no longer play that blame game.

Mr. President, I ask you and challenge you to answer to the American public this simple question. A man with such an astounding IQ will fund it very easy to answer so here it goes. Mr. President, why is it you want to throw money away like it was water when all you really need to do is hand the money to the average working stiff, or in our case, non working stiffs? If it weren’t for the working stiffs in America, all the money in the world helping businesses that won’t survive without the working stiffs wont matter. Now Mr. President, go, run and ask your Clinton administration, or your tax dodger what to do. I am surprised that you can’t really answer for yourself being a genius and all.

You can try to shut up the negative but it won’t work because we are only looking at you from an objective standpoint. By the way, did you pick Biden because like a fat girl, they only make the pretty look even better? Man, he makes you look smarter then you already are. You can censor him, censor your administration, but the people Mr. President, you cannot edit us because you my friend work for us and in these hard times you really want to be on your toes, and would not want to lose your job over some stupid mistakes now would you?

No, I am still not ready to accept Barack Obama as my personal lord and savior, sorry I already have someone Jesus, remember him? He would always make sure that doing the right thing was on the top of his list. I know the man is our President and I also agree that he is smart enough to know better then all of us, why, because Barack says so thats why.

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