Baracks 515 Red Balloons

While Barack Husain Obama preached how he was the only quick fix for Americans and their broken souls I always tried to warn people that he was blowing smoke up the U.S. citizen’s butt. All the Barackoholics either called me a liar, a racist, or a fool. Now the Lord and Master himself won the election, he is saying what I have been saying all along. After five hundred and fifteen empty promises made to voter that were all in this election for racist reasoning, (He will be the first black man to be president) they don’t seem to care if he ruins the country or not.

Obama seems to think he just won class president back in college or maybe even high school. He claims to be non partisan but is very much partisan. He is making and braking rules everyday. He is child like in his behavior and no one seems to care. The barackoholics seem to have blinders on and will leave them on until it is too late.

Despite unleashing the Clintons on the world again, giving a money job to a person that cannot handle money, Doubling the death toll in the war against terror, ending the war against terror, Digging up a senile Carter and getting him involved somehow and the closing down of GITMO without even one inkling of a plan, he is doing a wonderful job.

So far we have had polls rammed down our throats and I really don’t understand why. The man has been in a few weeks, how can their already be polls of his success? I think we are seeing polls this soon because in another fifty days, they won’t be as favorable.

Obama thinks this was a school election. The reasoning behind the frat parties during the election and the prom after the election paved the way. His rented tux and wife’s prom dresses showed us all that we are still young but once sworn in to the highest office in the land he now realized this isn’t a game. He will age twice as fast as the country will. It must be good to be king.

Obama knows this but doesn’t show it to us. He has huge balloons to be so arrogant and still lie to his followers. I guess if you act as if you can do it, you think you can, then maybe you can. I hear Obama walks on water.

5 thoughts on “Baracks 515 Red Balloons

  1. All of our elections are “school” elections because that is the mentality of the American people. Americans won’t face tough decisions like adults. They would rather be “entertained” because they don’t have any hobbies, don’t read books, and in short have no inner resources.

    They just wanted to elect the first black man president. They didn’t even think about what the job actually entailed. And whether he was up to it or not. Even Hillary and Biden said he was not up to it. Before they “changed their minds” of course.

  2. Their once was this pig who wanted to see the new guy that was to be our, the humans President. He saw this golden boy from across the busy street. He would watch him for hours on end. He knew it would be tough to get across that road but he did it just the same without losing his life. Now, Obama saw this and loved this pig for being so brave. He wanted to do something special for the pig so he covered him with his jacket and snuck him into the white house. So, Why did the Pig cross the road? Because he wanted to see what all the fuss was all about. Why did congress,the media,The Clintons, the Senate and the Barackoholics cross the road? Because they wanted to see all the pork that Obama was going to sneak into his new deal.

  3. great post!looks like USA is heading for the a bunch of pig slop!damn liberals on our blog are in heaven,all excited about the bullshit obama,obama,obama.damn.the other two conservatives on our blog are right wing christians.not sure which group annoys me the most. nice to step out of there for a bit.

    hey man is the book The Last Serial Killer out and for sale? Googled it and couldn’t find it, i’ll look through your site and see if you have it listed.

  4. I would agree that we need some sort of plan but this one is silly. They took out the 350,000,000 for condoms. Their idea was to stop growth in America using abortions and birth control so there would be less Americans to serve should show real thinkers where we are heading.

    The Last Serial Killer is sold on and, as well as My website has a million links on the message board if interested.

    My site

  5. Thank you! Glad I found this site. Yep, yesterday “the future is in the green industry”. Last week the San Jose Mercury announced that all of the alternative energy manufacturers in the area are laying of thousands. Venture Capital is going by the way side because there is no incentive to “aid” the businesses. Has no one else noticed that since the KING was elected that the layoffs, cuts and closings began preparing for the worst retraction of corporate incentives for jobs. Basic economics. This society is the laziest. Let the Government give us jobs or just give us the money. Where are the money trees? China? Dubai?Those who made a life decision based on the dislike of a person and not for the integrity of the man is childish and stupid! Those who thought that there would be no war are idiots. Have they not looked at the terrain where we are about to embark upon more war?Biden almost at a whisper warned in a speech he gave yesterday, I think it was yesterday, that we should know there will be deaths. Where the hell was this on the front page of the Times?NO>NO way. The King cannot be defamed. There have been over 100k jobs lost in the last few weeks. Were is the announcement? Published numbers totals since the election. Mcdonalds is expanding, good for the upcoming lets take care of all the heartattacks healthcare plan, Socialism. We are owned by other countries. Welcome to the Us Bus stops here. NO money of our own, no companies of our own and do not get me started on who is able to buy up our markets. We cannot go to their countries and buy property unless we are citizens, yet loon from Dubai is buying up our market. He but one of a many unamerican american haters. GUITMO…is the back yard of those who want it closed. Not Canyon City, CO near the Air force adademy, Norad and other bases. Not near NY, for heavens sake there is no reason and it would be difficult for an attack to take place with little damage in Cuba, but in the US? Let Barack the king take them in to his home with HIS children and feed them and make nice. He has NO idea how to run a business, country and he has shown us that he is a man of forgiveness. He is giving jobs to tax evaders. I have a fatal health problem. Not gonna get me today but it will. It is job related. I lost 2/3 of my income,my home, and spend 1 week a month in another state seeking treatment. I live thousands of miles from friends because my family has to help take care of me. I had a part time job where the company showed me they took out a nominal amount of tax but they really did not, so, after they blew town(resort town) I was stuck with 2500 in tax a penalty. No big deal when I was working. I have been paying on this and was told by an IRS agent to file to have it waived, I should not have to pay this it should have been collected by the loser company and most likely was. However they want me to submit my medical records for proof that I am sick. Well, that is against the law,my records belong to the state in which I was injured. It is a private matter as there will be a suit at some time if the state cuts me off. doubtful, but possible. I am not returning to work but there has been no record yet because that starts a process of hearings ect that cannot be stopped once started, and it is very premature. This over 1250. A guy who blew off 35000k and you know more, and he gets a 300k yr job. Oh, lets now announce “dear chirstians and musluems …never in america. I am not against any persons origin, but I am for preservation of our constitution. I am for everyone to have equality but not by changing the ground that our country was founded upon. In mexico the state of the union : mexicans and french? hello, this guy is going to draw out the crazies. These groups are on the rise in this county and the economy only fuels the fire. This is the kind of economy that people congregate and come up with crazy ideas. It is in our history. I am afraid for our future as Americans. So, thank you for your blog. Sorry but no where have I found anyone who cares or dared to state the truth. I hope I am wrong. I hope he can save us. I fly monthly and the air is filling up with sky marshals as the economy gets worse I see more and more in the airports. Wake up people. This is only the beginning.

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