The Obama Hope~That Old Black Magic?

Obama Drama 2
To say the election had nothing to do with race issues would be correct unless you count the history being made, the first black to become president, and the millions of proud real black Americans who were witnessing this event.

When Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency I watched as I did with all the candidates to formulate an opinion. Barackoholics, the people with tunnel vision only saw the color of his skin, forgetting about anything else.

Barackoholics, the people that seem to think that Obama can do no wrong only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. The gay community heard him say that he was dead against gay marriage. They didn’t comprehend his statement because they were hypnotized somehow into believing that he was all for it.

With the likes of Oprah behind him, and most of the media, republicans never stood a chance against this veteran of politics who has a whole two years behind him. The Barackoholics can see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil against Obama because it is a part of the trickery involved.

They say that every man woman and child will get their fifteen minutes of fame and right now it is Obama’s turn. My hope for the future of America is that Obama’s fifteen minutes last at least until the end of his first term.

What the Barackoholics do not and will not understand is that Obama is used to another kind of politics. His political background is in Illinois where corruption runs ramped. These politicians cannot do any wrong and what is done in Illinois stays in Illinois. When a Barackoholic looks at someone like Obama, they only see right, good, and honorable intentions, never corruption. When Obama picks people to work with him, and these people have done bad things in the past, they do not see it or remember it for that matter. They only see a God like figure and are truly blinded by the light of a store bought halo.

The trouble with being a Barackoholic is one. Over time, the effects of having been placed under the Obama spell will fade and they will be standing alone looking foolish. History will show us that there were so many others that had this effect on people, the masses. Richard M. Nixon, Pee Wee Herman, Barney the Dinosaur, and Adolf Hitler. For the fifty percent that didn’t fall under the Obama magical spell, all we can do is watch as one by one the people will soon see as we do. We are known as the Non Believers. There is a reason we are called Right Wingers, THINK!!! The right is right, and the left keeps spending until there is nothing left.

I am sure some of you will see what I have written as truth and others will think I am either a bigot, or stupid, if you think I am right on the mark, then you and I think alike. If you think I am a wacko, welcome home Baracoholics. Remember one thing, you can spend half as much as long as the pork is lean. Unless Obama decides to use real leadership here, we are going to be doomed and that old black magic is not going to help us.

A few questions for our fearless leader:
So Barack, are you priming us for another attack?
Why are you surrounding yourself with liars, cheats, and theives, you miss Chicago that much?
Barack, I realize you are the straight man, I guess that makes, Biden, the comedian huh?
last but not least, how stupid do you really think we are?


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