Proud President Picks Perfect Persons~Prognostic Peril Preview

The Someday Funnies continue: The Senate Finance Committee on Thursday cleared the nomination of Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary despite unhappiness over his mistakes in paying his taxes, um, over forty thousand in taxes, oops, his bad.

President Obama is showing us what he does and making sure we don’t understand what he says. Is this brand new treasury secretary going to pave the way towards a change in the way we never seen before? This is the equivalent of a drunkard in charge of Alcoholics Anonymous, a child molester owning a day care center, or a divorced Minister giving marriage counseling courses for troubled marriages. So why is Obama picking such a crafty politician, because he can, yes he can. Why should any American be afraid to pay his or her taxes on time? This only goes to show, crime does pay and that curruption lives in this type of Chicago style politics.

The Presidents speeches are wonderful; he has writers to insure this. The President is surrounded with many old faces with plenty of experience; they sure do know where the loop holes are. He also has nine tenths of the media behind him which causes less stress to the many Americans that are not aware to the concerned with the real issues.

Our fearless leader can tell you he is going to pick your pocket, and does it, but as long as he does it with a charming smile the Barackoholics won’t care. This can mean only one thing to the real people of these United States, just another puppet president. He is demonstrating this by slowly building a corrupt government so he can feel right at home. Geithner didn’t pay his taxes after three or four notices, then he paid some, and we are told he will be in charge to make sure we do. It is my guess, that after a year or two, Obama’s America is going to make Chicago, look like the holy land. I would really love to hear a straight answer from Obama on this issue but I know a one on one is never going to happen for he doesn’t have a portable teleprompter.

Now Obama was advised to close Gitmo, the Guantánamo bay prison housing the most deadly of terrorists. He then will need to move these cold hearted killers to a safer place where they can be treated with respect and better then the common criminal. I don’t understand what closing a place only to open another is going to do unless moving these terrorists into our backyard will make them feel more welcome. Sounds like some sort of mad scientists plan to take over the world or at the least, a terrorist sympathizers plan to help his fellow Muslim friends.

Then we have the Clintons, not much to really say. Bill and Hillary, better known as Billary they are like that eighties sitcome everyone hated but they just keep playing it over and over and over again anyway. Hillary said to Bill, in private, “Bill, I think I am a lesbian trapped in a womans body.” Bill answered, “Hell, so am I.”

I stand behind my president. I trust him when he tells us he is a Christian and the only thing Muslim about him is his name. I know by being kind to terrorists will bring the world closer together in Obama’s eyes and you now see why I stand behind the president instead of in front of him, I would’nt want to block the teleprompter. Damn I hate being right.


3 thoughts on “Proud President Picks Perfect Persons~Prognostic Peril Preview

  1. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    What is with people who make millions, who feel compelled to cheat?

  2. Remember the middle class is going to be taken car of, in mob terms thats a bad thing. The rich don’t care, and the poor, oh the poor, where are they on the list? The poor don’t wan’t to be socialized, they want money. Keep the free cheese, the food stamps because they both taste like cardboard.

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