Three Year Old Child Left in Car Alone

I was at the bank drive up window waiting for the person in front of me finish their business. I watch a pick up truck pull to the curb on the street and it is my turn so I pull up. I hand the teller my business, and I watch the parked truck. The reason I am watching it, the man, a young father maybe twenty five or so, leaves the truck running as he runs into a small auto shop. This street where the guy parked was on a hill. The trouble I had with that was there is a small child, maybe three standing in the front seat of this truck. The teller hands me my receipt and as I start to put my car in gear, I see the truck start to roll. The kid played with the gear stick and I guess he placed it in natural. I jump out of my car and run towards the car and jump in the window and jam on the brake.

Ok, my question for all of you is, did I do the right thing. I know all of you would say yes and here is the catch. The young father runs out of the car place and gets into his truck now parked in the middle of the street and starts yelling at the child. He never thanked me he just started to drive off yelling at the three year old as if it was his fault. The man took no responsibility for his actions and even gave me an evil stare as if I should have minded my own business.

First, he should never had left a small child in a car alone nevertheless a running car. Second, hitting his child for something like that and then yelling at him is just not my idea of teaching right from wrong. What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Three Year Old Child Left in Car Alone

  1. I think the guy is a Jerk. He is also very stupid. If you had not have stopped that truck, god knows what could of happened. Too bad you did not get his licence number but with it being by a bank the cops could probably get it on video tape. It needs to be taken care of before that child ends up dead or some one else. You need to go to the police station and report it now. You did a very good thing but you need to finish it. Good luck

  2. There is no doubt you did the right thing. To turn your head & ignore the situation would be the WRONG thing! Which is something sadly so many of us tend to do now “not my business” “afraid to get involved” “blah blah blah” . . . so I send up HUGE Kudos to you! Outstanding!

    The father was in the wrong, & he knew this which is why he blamed the child. I am sure if he stuck around a bit longer he would have attempted to blame you as well for his wrong doing.

    Getting his tags may have helped but I somehow doubt that. I personally feel you need to take this to a Higher source. Say a Prayer for the childs safety & request that this father uses the wisdom & heart the Lord has blessed him with.

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  3. Hello Bob…Yes, I feel you responded correctly. Here is the problem. Too many parents feel everyone else should be watching and raising their children. They feel it is the day care providers and teachers responsiblity to teach and disipline their children. When things get out of hand at home, call the police and have them come fix the problem. I hear things like this all the time; my toddler is acting up because they learn it a day care, my child is failing because the teacher is not doing his/her job, he hit the kid for calling him a name, he has ADHD, and so on. These are all excuses. You and I are intelligent and experienced enough to know this. ADHD, that is one that gets me going. And parents thinking a pill will cure it. NO IT DOES NOT people!! All that pill does is make them behave badly at a slower pace. ADHD does not cause bad behavior. If your child acts out, yes they may be learning some bad behavior, but it is YOUR responsiblity to teach them it is not acceptable; remaining consistent, not just parenting when you feel up to it. If your child is failing, how much time do YOU take in tutoring them at home? I know several parents in our neighborhood who allow their kids to play in other parent’s yards and never once check on them for hours. When I see this, those children are not allowed back in my yard. I am not a babysitter. I have 4 children of my own; 3 still at home, one grown with a child of her own. This is the problem. When these children end up getting hurt, these same parents are angry at everyone else for letting it happen. Here is a good example; we have a large lake near our home. There are HUGE signs everywhere stating NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY!!! KEEP CLOSE WATCH OF YOUR CHILDREN!! Last year a 5 year old boy drowned, as he was playing in the water unsupervised. The mother was angry and stated “There should be lifeguards here”. But lady, you knew there wasn’t, and even if there were, why would you let your child go into the water alone period??? You can’t fix stupid Bob. Good job on looking out after a little one. He gets to see another day because someone cared enough to be watching over him.

  4. By the way..for the parents in my neighborhood who do not look out after their children, I do make a call to DCFS.

  5. Yep, some might poor parents out there. There seem to be a lot
    of people who take no responsibility. Everything bad that happens is “somebody else’s fault”.

    You must be a good guy, doing the right thing. But in this environment,
    who can blame people for not wanting to get involved?

  6. Is this common in the business world, blaming someone else
    (usually an underling) when things go wrong?

    It must come from somewhere.

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