President Obama, His Posse, and the Barakoholics

There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is Barack Obama. He will be fighting evil and clean up this here town for good. His posse consists of many such as, The Clinton Gang, The Wall Street Shovelers, The even Stevens, and the ever so ruthless, “Barackoholics.

The Clinton Gang, are the group that believes in fair trade, “Hey, girl, do you have some southern in ya, want some?” The Queen of denial, and, they just love to sing. Their favorite song is “Mambo number five, “A Little bit of Monica under my desk, a little bit of every woman what the heck.” The leader of the gang is usually used for finding gold with his divining rod only not in his own back yard.

Then there is “The Wall Street Gang” these people are notorious for their hit and run tactics and deny, deny, denying they ever were involved. Other members in this group are Fanny, the floozy, Freddie the freeloader, Nancy “Bla, Bla, Bla”Pelosi, Lefty the Mighty Media, Opie Windbag, and Back Breaker Barney who really is a dinosaur. The even Stevens are those who look at things with logic, and fairness, then give an honest opinion of what they see and usually get gunned down for those opinions.

You have two types in this here town and there just aint enough room for the both of them so one must go. First you have the Barackoholics. Some how they see this new sheriff as a Dudley do right who can never do wrong even when he does even though Obama is a self admited lefty. He winks and smiles at them and somehow his powers razzle dazzles the masses. The other types are just folks who know what’s really going on but just can’t seem to break that spell that binds but what these regular folks are not aware of, is that the Sheriff has a secret identity and has super powers along with his sidekick, meek and mild mannered Michelle. When danger shows its ugly head, these two spring into action and it’s into the Barrack cave. They emerge as Smokey and Mirrors. Mirrors the faithful sidekick can use her special powers to make the strongest fall with one evil look. Smokey will use his special pauses to confuse and daze until the deed is done or until the prompter catches up. Once the fire is out, these two head back to the Barracks where they lose the undercover bit and spend a bit under covers in which one smokes and the other is smoking.

Yes folks, there is a new Sheriff in town and he is gunnen for what’s left until the right sees the light. So watch out for the new super hero dynamic duo, for whenever there is wrong in the world, there unfairplay or a barfight, you can bet one thing, he wont be there. He is like a rock star, only in a suit, well, without the jacket, but he doesn’t play an instrument though, only people.

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