On This Day~Racism Lives~The Obama Change

Is this the end of an era? Will America move on from being called a racist nation, to a one nation under God again? They say today history is going to be made but I for one am not buying that at all. To be racist is to see people differently, and to see one differently is the only reason this is going to be a historical event.

This inauguration will sever America deeper and open wounds so many tried to heal. Yes, we will see a change as soon as today and this will make history.

There is a man, a politician being sworn in today, not a black man, or a half black man, but a man, and for using the color issue is the reason we all should be ashamed for calling it historical. We once again made this a black and white issue which is a step backwards now isn’t it? One day, we will see a change when a man or a woman will run, and win on the merits of being the best one for the job. Shame on us, shame on America for still seeing the color.

“If your Brown stick around, if you’re yellow, be more mellow, if your red, get ahead, if your white, see the right?” Shame of you Rev.


2 thoughts on “On This Day~Racism Lives~The Obama Change

  1. I kind of agree, but I still love the part when he talked about his father saying that 60 years ago he might have not been served in a local restaurant!

    That was honest, that was him not ignoring the progress. Things might not be perfect, but we can’t ignore the progress.

  2. Progress yes, we made strides big time but (You knew there would be a but) To keep reminding us , the people, that a black man has just been elected as our president, souldn’t that be, “a man has been elected”. If we can get past labels we have it made. There are two types of humans in the world, women and men and even that is a divide isn’t it. Love the name by the way, dark eve.

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