Obama asks:Anyone Got Any Spare Change

Obama before elected, was making people believe he was going to save the world, he was godlike, he was going to change the way politics work. Now he is saying no we can’t, or we can but not until you elect me for a second term, and after I have served that term, and then things might change.

I understand the fans of Obama hear, see, and speak no evil of the man but sooner or later; they will need to pull that curtain back to see the real guy behind the wizard’s persona. I can see it now, all of America standing their waiting for answers until Dorothy steps up and says, “You had no intentions of getting us what we needed. You are a bad man.” Then Obama will brake down and say, “No, I am a good man, just a bad wizard.”

One year ago, Obama promised so many he would fix everything. People who believed in him slowly heard him say after the election that things are worse then he thought and things can’t get done. Now, Obama wants us to fix things, so my question is, when can we trust politicians that promise one thing and give us another? By the way, I did not drink the cool aid.

22 thoughts on “Obama asks:Anyone Got Any Spare Change

  1. Nothing like jumping the gun. The guy’s only been prez for like 3 hours. Positive thinking is not in your personality. What president has ever said and done exactly what they promised. I will wait and see and at least hope things do get better. Besides what does this have to do with Cindy Anthony anyway????

  2. The expectations are very high. Now that the irrational exuberance is over, the actual work can begin.

    He knew how to campaign. Now we will see if he can handle the job. They are different.


  4. It took 8 yrs to put things in the toilet, do you think it’s going to be fixed overnight? Instant gratification.. that’s why the economy is the way it is.. the mentality of I want it .. and I want it now.. no one is willing to do the hard work and earn it..

  5. Thats not the point. The man was elected on that mentality. He promised so much yet now he takes it all away. Bush did not put the country in the toilet. That happened in the last three months. Mommy, if you think it is gonna take long now, wait, I am figuring after Obama gets either tossed out in two, or finishes his one term, it will then take fifteen years if it is still fixable. The man said, I will fix everything for you, and now he is Backpeddle Obama.

  6. The point of my blog was to show how Obama says one thing and does another. One year ago I said, “Don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does. If I promised someone I would make the workd great because it was broken, I better make damn sure I was able to fix it. People voted on the “Massiah” because of what he said, promised. He now says he cant fix anything it might take ten years. wow, if you take the $150,000,000 add in the $1,000,000,000 and the cost of this supersized party, $175,000,000 thats a whopping $1000325000000. This is what Obama will have spent so far when he adds his trillion. Now, devide that by every man woman and child legally living in the USA, he could send us all 4000 bucks which will be spent stimulating the economy, instead he wants to bail out business which depend on us to spend money to survive. All I am saying is, I really hope the man with the 139 IQ thinks before he acts, and keeps me as safe as I have been in the last eight years. I actually think he is a spendaholic, oh wait, I forgot, he is a progressive democrat.

  7. I am not sure how or when you conceived this to be the truth. I had listened to Obama on nearly every public speech, as well as read many literary interviews he has done. I have heard him say, from the beginning, that our problems would not be solved short-term. He has stated many times, we are in for the long haul. Besides, anyone with an ounce of intelligence would not need a politician to explain how difficult our problems are, and how time consuming it will be to rectify them. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge would know it was not going to be strengthened within a four year or even 8 year term. Anyone who thinks it will, is living in the dark. It takes most Americans 15 to 30 years to pay off a house loan. Why then would anyone think we can get ourselves out of the red with a multi-trillion dollar debt in a few years? Might I also add, the struggles would be the same no matter who took office. Let’s give the man a chance, before we completely right him off. I concider myself an American, who very much loves her country. I will support how ever is placed in charge, until he or she proves that I should not. I do not think anyone could mess our country up any worse that it already is. We became too confident and have lived above our means for too long. We are a spoiled nation that has grown to believe we are entitled. We stopped working as hard, let our guard down, and we are suffering now for because of it. The “Change” isn’t entirely about what Obama wants to bring to the table. It has much to do with inspiring the people into getting up and doing the work as a nation. I know most American’s want to feel pride in being able to stand on our own, and most of us are not afraid to do the work necessary in achieving this. Give the people a chance, and just see what we can do.

  8. Although I do appreciate another view other than my own, I just wanted to point out that Obama has never tried to lead our country into thinking he was a “fix all”. He has put much emphasis on the work being “ours”, and it was going to be long hard struggle. I just want the truth being put out there, not just opinions.

  9. Well said Mommyof2; most do not want to help the “little red hen”, but they sure want to eat the bread when it’s done, don’t they?

  10. Bob, you sound much like my mother-in-law, who I have great respect for. She has bought into every piece of gossip passed on Obama, but has not read one article, or watched one speech. She is the only one in our family who did not vote for him, including her husband. We respect her decision, but we have corrected her gossip remarks often. Our country needed someone to open our eyes, inspire us, unite us, help us to help ourselves. What this nation has forgotten is that our president works for us. He is just our spokesperson. We are supposed to be involved, speak our minds, write our congressmen, lead by example. When we sit and do nothing,except complain when things go wrong, then are we not partly to blame? A fire starts from one spark, and then spreads. He is the spark, we are the fire.

  11. Mom, I write news for a living. I read everything and everything but better yet, I listen to what people say, then watch what they do. I am watching, I hope a man who has been in the political arena or two years can pull this off, I really do, butonly time will tell. There must be something wrong with you, no one likes their mother in law do they? I kid. Look, you sound like, um, read like a smart woman. Fire doesn’t help, it destroy’s. I been in the media game for over forty years now and I am telling you, spending a trillion on big business is worthless unless the people spend it. Obama surounds himself with advisors, like any good manager should but I wonder if the Clintons will do anything different for Obama that they tried and failed themselves? Last thing and I love having a debate with someone that can spell better then I can, but, I try and make people think. I write this because I want people to debate. Thanks for your wonderful arguments. um, Obama’s IQ is a 139, um, I have a 146

  12. No,(Buzzzzzzz) He suckered in the voters when he told them he would fix this broken country even our souls. He only started to say we, and hard work ahead a few weeks abefore being sworn in. First it was obama the change we need, now it is, anyone got any spare change. Mom, you sure do post a lot, anyone else here?

  13. I have no choice but to give the O,man a chance. I think if he thinks before he acts, he will be as good as anyone else was, ever. I might run in four years, hear me out. fire all the troops. Get new troops by empting the jails and prisons and send them in harms way. Get the mafia and street gangs in uniforms and send these people too. Now streets are safe, and if we lose wars, oh well. Next, cut government spending in half. fire all the people working for the DMV, Unemployment and other agencies like that because they really don’t want to work. Give those jobs to people that need a job. next, If we are threatened by any nation, give them one warning and if they don’t comply blow them off the face of the earth. Take our overpopulation and let them pick and choose where they want to live, (One of the nations we blew up). money, we don’t need money, all we need to do is go back to the barter system. I need a tomato, you have tomato, I have juice, you need juice. Then I would wake up in a sweat and think, “Wow, a nightmare.” Obama will do well if he stops watching Oprah and listening to Bill J Clintom, aka BJ Clinton.

  14. I could not watch TV today at all I put on movies and called it an evening. But wanted to check the blog to see if anyone felt like we do. This day is costing us more than it has for any other President in history to take office. We the tax payers are paying for his biggest show on earth and in history. This is a man who couldn’t put his hand over his heart for this country or wear a flag pin. This is a man that listened to his preacher for years preach hate then tell the world that wright has been like a Father to him. But when this man who was like a Father starts costing o’bama votes he wrote him off. He had a friend that hated this country and even blew up buildings. Then had other friends who broke laws. Not a good running record.

    He wants to run our country and the most he has done is help people like Acorn and vote some in the Senate! How did this happen to our country? So, we have not watched Tv at all we couldn’t watch oprah cry her eye lashes off again and see people fall at the feet of the man they feel is the chosen one. o’bama, nancy, dodd and crazy barney in charge of this country. God help us.

    We are so afraid we are praying for him to be better than what we have seen but we are in fear today of what is ahead.


  15. Being smart is half of it; common sense it the rest. Many intelligent people do not possess good common sense, therefore having a few “lower” intelligence friends may be wise. It makes for a good balance. I enjoy a good debate as well. I like being challenged to think outside my box. I am pleased to hear to say “time will tell”. You are correct. I too hope he does a great job in paving a way for improvement. He will only have to time to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Our problems are far to great to clean up in a few years. However, history has proven what Americans can do in short periods of time, when they are motivated and work together. We are quite a powerful source. Our moral has been down for sometime. Many have lost faith in our government, and lost hope. It has been many years since our people have been inspired by a president, on this kind of scale. JFK was probably the last to have this affect. Obama has stirred our people, boosted moral, and has inspired many to want to strive for better days. I pray that he, not only stays committed to his cause, but to the very people who believe in him. You are right Bob, only time will tell. Even if he is not your choice for president, we should all stand behind him and give him an opportunity to prove himself worthy. He does not lead alone, we still have a congress, and we can still impeach. If he fails, then after 4 years he will be done. Then we give someone else a chance; maybe even a woman. 🙂

  16. Writer’s are hard working people. Writer’s know their subject and feel a responsibility to present their observations, analyze their positions as well as compare and contrast differences and similarities on a particular subject. You have done nothing in this regard but throw out the juxaposition of the “Wizard”. You use the Wizard of Oz as your backdrop for what? Why do you use Dorothy as your moral compass?

    We know there is a Grand Wizard in the KKK. Did you know that? Do you know anything about the man you are discussing today? Have you ever held a book he wrote in your hands? I know you never read one so there was no reason to ask that question.

    You need to get a grip on what it means to write well, what arguments you will present and how you come to certain conclusions. You need to have some sensitivity to your subject and your reader. You must have a purpose to your writing. If it is only to malign your subject and an opportunity to diminish and degrade than I don;t think you will have the audience you want.

    You have no pride in work product, no sensitivity, no ability to discern what is right or worng with yourself or your writing. Join a bookclub andd begin by discussing books with others.

    When you become a reader you may become a writer. Keyword: READ READ READ. No one ever said you had to drink the cool aid to be a good writer.

  17. Oh, and Bob, you are correct when you say fire destroys. Nature knows this best, as it is necessary for regrowth,from the ashes that put nutrients back into the soil. Sometimes fire is good and necessary.

  18. I have read many books; my father passed to me the passion for reading. To assume I have not is shallow and immature. I believe you are an intelligent person,we just disagree. You may be correct in all you say, as well I may be correct. Let’s not resort to personal stabs. When intelligent words fail we tend to do this. “Do not allow people to belittle your ambitions. Small people will do this, but great people will make you feel you can do great things too”. Mark Twain

  19. Friendlymom, amen I always feel less than others writing on this blog but how wonderful it is when someone understands my feelings and re-plies to them. If someone belittled my spelling or how I write my feelings it would hurt. This blog shouldn’t be about how we can write it should be how we feel.

    I feel nothing but great fear that this man is our president.

  20. Are you watching what he does and not listening to what he says? He says he wants bipartasanship. He then starts putting crazy things in his plan. The republicans see this is crazy so they wont let him do it. He does it anyway and tells them they are all against him and not playing fair. Bla Bla Bla, I am sick of his last four years already, wha, it has only been twelve days? oh my god, or should I say, Oh my Obama?

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